Claramarie Burns

arriving, destination unknown

trumpet trembles high note
catastrophe : averted

                               is this where we get off?
                stop requested
                                      old energies

wait    no hurry

                here we go    & fly

sequence of monsters

                               benign / otherwise
play of light

                             remember / expect / see
shift of light in leaves in breeze
late winter early spring this memory / expectation /

                                         fantastic unread dreamed

wait for it.

Clara Burns writes, studies Sanskrit, and reflects on intersections of human, natural, and constructed existence from her home in Denver, Colorado. A graduate of the Jack Kerouac School MFA program at Naropa University, her work has appeared in Poetry New York, Bombay Gin, and online in in Robot Melon, Lynx, Otoliths, and Blue & Yellow Dog. Other published works include Phantastic Voyage and Photoinsensitive; translations from the German – "Flocks," in The Spoon River Poetry Review; Peck Me Up, My Wing, selections from the work of Friederike Mayröcker; and The Two Hands of the Sparrowhawk, by Helmut Salzinger. Burns is also a librarian and archivist.
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