Daniel Morris


Now get solo little
foggy hymn sow ordinary

strings in Tokyo suit
hi-fi angels freely ripping

miles off exchanged outfits
(track revelation quite graphic)

Arete snake pinned behind my shin
“…her hocked Picabia”

O proud appearances! Scold
Bupalis to sod to blister

Chet Cat on “The Aesthetic Attitude”

as Saturn is to erratic
like Ch’ing Yuan I
trumpeted Zen --

(saw distance in
losing my Aquinas map) --

costing years nonetheless
could not commit --

static problem with silence
in between

Twombly squiggles as textual
rhizomatic Mobius strip etc.

(usual imaginary odyssey
justifiying unusually long way round)

until bloody
john again big red lips to just


I do too care for you
funny old
poultice       firth

swallowed verve act. I hold
my own with kind monthly

unless you change their dirty memory count

                                              mouth to

(I said by clamshell, not)

so answer why
you shall never alter strip

foal repertoire.


uneven implants
cloak strut especially
when peer horn
bill heron lift
sterling ars trombone
said to strum
of Monica’s chorus or call
Hamburg choir aflame
but rejection is labial tip
of period as later diet
style burlesques coil
minus anomalous dander
of Sir James Brown

Daniel Morris is a Full Professor of poetry studies at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, and author, most recently of Lyric Encounters (Bloomsbury 2013). He has also had two books of poetry published by Marsh Hawk Press.
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