Jack Galmitz


I draw an isosceles triangle. I draw another on top of it at an arbitrary angle. It becomes hard to tell which one was first, which one is on top, which one is on the bottom. They intersect.

You and me.


Type me with my letters. Of course, there are as many versions of me as there are witnesses, so choose as you see fit. Remember, there are no positive values to these letters or words, just differences, so feel free to indulge yourself. You needn’t type out whole words, since sometimes a single letter, not being another letter, will reveal much about the subject. If you see me as lazy, for instance, you might want to type a series of the letter “l.” It has a languidness about it. Or, if you see me primarily as handsome, you may want to press the letter “h,” not that it evokes good looks, but it has a happy expression, like “haha” or “ah,” and this is one of the feelings good lucks gives.

Anyway, have fun with this project. Don’t censor yourself.

Jack Galmitz was born in 1951 in NYC. Received a Ph.D in English from the University of Buffalo in 1985.  Contributing Editor of Roadrunner Haiku Journal.  Associate of The Haiku Foundation. Recent books include a genre study published by Cyberwit.net Press, VIEWS, and two books of poems, Yards & Lots (Middle Island Press, 2011) and THE WORD ‘DOG’ DOES NOT BARK.
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