John Pursch

Radio-Controlled Haddock

Musty swordfish faint
in epileptic fusillades of flecked saliva,
sputtering the Magna Carta’s final clause.

Sipping heat from hypodermic hay,
toons catch troglodytes offshore
in handy arctic bookstores,
foundering on ellipsoidal hasps
of teleporting gypsies.

Swarms part in airline fanfare matinees,
slowing hours to shoveled sunset,
smearing slurps across
a scudding soundtrack’s
bleached-out voice.

Turbans scrape paternal figurines
for cornflake thorns,
cuddling in avionic residue.

Polychromatic incipience drains
lenticular contrails from acidic vestibules,
isolating nomadic belief.

Tyros please ricotta police,
dissolving fault lines
into scarred androidal malts.

Biscuit fiords esteem rebellious
portraits of the tsarina’s retinue,
detaining idiosyncratic quiz
machines for fake injections,
flipping radio-controlled haddock.

Burlap River Dumplings

Candied philanthropic zeal
sheds hourglass primes
in reticulated sera.

Sandstone turns causal,
baying for retroactive heyday phlegm
in lunch line lingo’s finest opprobrium.

Hands drown in pouting shame
of facial pirouettes
and trebled dishrag art,
hardening anterior fovea,
smearing blurry farms
with haversack cement.

Trivial sebum glows in situ,
accommodating familial effluvia
from backseat gum slicks,
sworn to secretions
by pilfered scum’s
immunity gondola.

Tricolore parity reforms salty pews
with hazy ladies trained by tractor bums
in terpsichorean klaxon caves.

Has any aside,
heavenly or suddenly surmised,
gobbled down her hefty aperitif,
squiggly as a handy old parson’s
roadside ahem?

Sesquipedalian crossover tricks
farm ornithological beets
for terraformed satraps
in miniscule yarn motifs
of Pleistocene contagion’s
burlap river dumplings.

Stethoscope Potato Fear

Coddled gutter balls enrage fodder fainters,
resemble dehydrated anteaters,
and plummet from penultimate jiggers
of cold cut psoriasis to wiseacre styptic illusions,
halting salacious sedative auctions.

Troubled ham sponsors treatable crumpets
for severed thermidor implosion shoots,
cueing an armchair meteorologist
to captivate Assyrian minaret shavers
with tweed fevers.

Mere oxygen unravels
in beads of treadmill favors,
plushly aerodynamic,
glimpsing amity’s lithesome mailbag docks
through puckered nodal flues.

Casting grown intelligence on leisure trams,
serpentine grocers fulminate at tidal banter,
sparkling into cubicle clockwork gel.

Dialed opinions muster catchy tonsil hegemony,
proving impious airships can surf
hermetic clown manure’s despotic rototiller.

Wafting raiment of clattered duplicitous barley
flits from barnstorming brachistochrones
to coldcocked caparisons of concupiscent seepage,
grossing out ebullient efficiency oculi
with bubbling stethoscope potato fear.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has appeared in many online literary journals. His most recent book, Intunesia, is available in paperback from White Sky Books at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. Follow @johnpursch on Twitter or subscribe/friend john.pursch on Facebook.
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