Aditya Bahl

Selected Indian Porn

Aditya writes: . . ."India does not have a legal or an established underground Porn industry.
Leaked scandals and MMS are the popular & widely available Indian porn resources on the internet.
Notwithstanding an astonishing consumption of pornography it remains a social taboo.

"Once uploaded on the webspace
the identities of these women/couples are then variously defined by the different porn sites--

"a hot neighbour here becomes a girl from Karachi elsewhere/
an outdoor leaked scandal becomes an engineering college couple in the campus/
a hot bhabhi (sister-in-law) becomes a cheating desi wife
or a maid or an aunty from Patna with big boobs/

"& vice-versa/

"honeymoon scandals stay honeymoon scandals/

"The acts of uploading & distribution are not merely "punishable offenses" ( Information Technology Act, Chapter XI Paragraph 67)
[italics mine]

"Here the work is an act of re-representing the representations:
nt just of the initial transgression (of an intimate occasion)
bt also the politics of identity appropriation & consumption"

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