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You dust down a book of microwave recipes and Instagram it, with kisses. This year was the year of the hashtag. It was the year I tried to smile at strangers, but as you say, it gets embarrassing. This year was the year Space Jam’s original 1996 website became a meme, the year I fell asleep in the food court after eating chips. It was the year everyone flew to Honolulu, where the flights were cheap.


On one smartphone, gambling. On another, porno. On another, sexts but mostly: grocery lists. For those in front of the television it’s a real thrill. An earlier contestant iced on a third tier, but the cake fell. Delicious. Everybody eats, eats, eats.

Wine o'clock

About your love interest you state
'mansplainer' but with too much
care. We are like, don't go there.
He'll creature your successes,
marsupialise them

Remember that month the filibuster
knocked our ovaries for a spare.
Laughing, no. Then a GP spoke
of the spike in cancer checks
post- a TV show's cautionary
season end

Whatever happened with that
online guy, the one who was
a touch conversational snooze.
Still sleeping? Dare for you to say
that he can twerk at your ass,
that you want him to

Tell us though, your girlfriends
so do you fantasise about acts
of cannibalism. A chimera
thrown to the wolves is just meat
to be eaten


metallic geometric
fur faux
detail quality
ing thinking
about bespoke
soft as
and layering
tartan still
still the look of
the street can
to couture
spill a drikn adn
comments section
a structured look
Universe and
_the edit is b+w
digital prints
I got the concept
from a
I got.it from the web"

Emily Stewart is a writer and editor based in Melbourne. She is working on a manuscript of poems, and will be undertaking a residency at the Arteles Creative Centre in Finland during early 2014. emilyvalentinestewart.com.
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