John M. Bennett


so  ak  th  e  nded  sh
oe  yr  b  right  f  ly  sh
adow  G  RIPPED  UH
DO  OR  me  wheee  ling
necgk   ))nor  sw  allowed
clou  d((  aw  n  ail  aw
sogc  k  aw  a  w  I  c
r  ash  th  gl  ass  cras
h  t  he  g  lass  an  s
nored  the   l   a   w   n
o    u    t    s    i    d    e

Emily Dickinson


sa in somática tus co
jines de lona ...carre
tera soñada... ,tierra
infútil ,in farcta ,in
factícia como mi so
mbra mi h om bro
amicturado como za
...el cielo pisé
,caído ,caca fónico ,des
camisado como mi cu
erpo desencarnizado y
a saba nado
. . .placer
del nonato . . . .

...the closing door.
- Edgar Allan Poe


toot blague ,morceau de
pancake ,sausage air ,t
ripas indirectas donde me
cagüé la carga o cargo
shorts rippling in the hall

.days yr daze inapetito
,forma púdica de mi
narigón qui parle WHA
er UH .trillling
in the sweaty waves ; ; ; ; ; ;
:|| dogs and plumbing

Piramidal, funesta, de mi pulmón
nacida sombra...
- Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

reap the wind

rust upon yr loo t a
singing fog ah knotty one
,barreled ,ptomaine ,sh
ort sleefs f rayed
ligke fflags )dot’s touse
led ,lang charm butt er s
tongue ,up( on the st
inking lake yr leap
enabled like a b
omber lengua ...t rust
Oma ,b lot yr .d.u.s.t............

...what choking says.
- Samuel Beckett

ee t

look ,the sot leg fanjet
focused on the fin
ger laid across yr
headache whwhoo
sshhing like toilet’s s
tuck fl ush st
ood above the st
eep whirl exploding
knee my .)))itching
ash my frenchfry
soaked in pee

pulled the pants off and

...sp lash...
- Emily Dickenson


towels and corn ,my
eachless leg your rug
,if sticky ,contains a
,hosed not flagged ,wh
at scribbles in ,flu
shed and swirled ,the
b owl’s beak of war ,all
pointed toward yr
,but swallowed ,boiling
neck .‘s creamed down
stream ,was ash ,a
tongue the current ,r
anting ,lapped ,that s
lick white shore
.the kernels ,in
sweaty fabric w
rapped ,hold the
liq ,if changing quid
,tale    ‘    ‘   ’      ‘     ’     ‘    ‘

...glimmered on green waters...
- H. P. Lovecraft


the lung Truss ,grey an
,doubted ,wavering was
,a pissy fflag ,my fl
oundering down the s
stepps eat yr ash
.)))the creamed cor
n n ddripping from yr
shshordts an ppooling
next the writ wall :

Cloudy Tanks
Gristle Fog
Lap Muscle

nor yell like crazee glue
nor crown the pplas
tic skull shiny in its
fecal g litter

...cerote del alba...
- Dr. N. Minente

the scent

chew chort sock   s   t
he duck eggs ththroated in
the stuck short ,shore with
torn bottles strewn ,yr p
lated yellow slick ,just st
and a while just b oil a
w ay ~ ~ ~    a wind talk
,s craping j aw across the
con crete f loor the sh
attered s hells ,miseria y
ándale ,dorm ant g
land tugs the sheets the
blue sky wrinkled in yr
palm .in the absent
focus in the sty and
wandered hand in the
shirty yolk where the
iitchy ssoundd reretturnss

I’m sick of this...
fucking pretentious music.
- Ben Bennett

the mail

“boil the hamster” towel a
pe sado drink the ddust
yr comb heaves be neat
h the d une mer w
as c offing in the suit shift
my am bled s pill c ream’s
swift tonnage ,a ge of sh ape
the coff in lob ster c
licks its eyen at you )t
he fisted smoke the
salty glass
( ...so the
soup’s sublimation...
(yellow corns stud yr
what spins and
blows along the beach

...y la saltada piedra cruzó errante
hasta la esquina...
- José Lezama Lima

el dedo

ent er we ll ,o sot
ilesa ,for ma tunda
w ,hat yr s hack c lun
g sp ill ,or spell the
sh aper were yr t wat’s
ingasping .ful minar ,el
f oco lazo ,in mantado
lag o sweatlip shave
for me incáustico ,the
fl uttering m out h ,mot
h m old ,twin of s
lathered mi roir or es
pejo pellejo ror rim ex
zematic ,chuff c huff
yr sorweaty sad dle g
lue .mime the b reath
held clod ,o mimo en
el zócalo caído

...en la región más transparente...
- Alexander von Humboldt

the bust

sure gloat the head the knock
lacquer an a grime sh sh
shocking of the neck clung
next .in the floating back
in the ,salt skin a ,tr
ial foam or sagging
dog inglandular seething un
der the
bed cough yr nos
tril grist le and a “sweaty
canoe” where yr d

...rope of ,shuddered cave...

...dime to go

the toil

bug femur’s sure snore
shootin’ something was s
nearly random notic
there in pencil unruly intersection
in an awful, blind hand out
side the enginne ceremony
council runs central’s most
merciful thing
fall lab
oratories gardening in the
ontologies rotating
I think captured encyclopedic
is the inability of the unknown
function human mind stim
ulating bells or dung heap
to correlate breakfast all
its contents
believed its
closest analogue
was off
notice in certain grotesque
semi-semic by-products at
its grotesque conceptions of
the most
wrenches ,telescopes
in the poetry of the daring
depleted clouds
sediment ephemeral forces
glub...glub...glub de
materializes the economy
the metaphoric body flopping
accumulating dirt
experience of mindless subject
grease anchors and amorphous
institutional dancers programed
beyond control the infallible
paragraphs of clanging meat

Collapsed from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 55,
2013, & various tales by H. P. Lovecraft

the brick

ep to mantic uh oh n
or shshudders in the
backyard shshuntnted f
rom a the doOor a
cclue wwandered fro
m the rriverr .esplain
esessence espropriation
of the ququivering llapster

)spooned pea soup dropped(
where yr ptomainantic
piedras pulmonares en la
mano echadas son )¡vvom
( con los granos de elote
mezclados :at the porch
you stared for hours the
mice dragging hair under
the steps

what’s spspinning on the ffork

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