Miro Sandev

Mein Lieblings (or German love sonnet)

mine lee blings lee best maid shun
ley burr lee bling sleep shin
cline her lee burr broth shun
fast fur eyen churn stir glide arsed do
itch saner mayhem her by deer sign
ear hark lensed fee her nick
how tub like vee month licked
zee sinned de vaster bloomin’ desk guns felt

miner loon gun nut men new room see
mine hertz she lugged newer mitt deer
itch further in dine auger inert ring ken
in ear in amen she turban is there him hell
cur nun veer shunt ref fen
fen nicked, far room nicked?

Miro Sandev is a poet and critic based in Sydney. His poems have been published in many literary journals and anthologies, and his essays have appeared in Arena Magazine and New Matilda. He is a theatre critic for Arts Hub.
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