Andrew Brenza

The Detail (14)

orbit of bodies
light in panes
glass bowls.

our bodies orbit,
chasmed to brain-
space, fused cloud-

volutions volitioning
the ripe curvatures
of habitable stones.

The Detail (15)

surface flash of sea-
wind, -wings, -worms
turned gold-cold closed
door of fluttering distance:

snail-skull needled to move-
ment's alien syringe-light
off the fuselage of ignorant
plane, planet, plants, pains.

thus, the residual core
of magma spills, thermal crusts,
brittle stores, elsewise unribboning
their masses, elsewise, a nest

of stars tars the stones
and feathers them with laughter.

Andrew Brenza's poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from GlitterPony, Word For/Word, Sawbuck, and/or, The Scrambler, Jellyfish, Shampoo, Prick of the Spindle, and Strange Horizons, among a few other places. He currently lives, works, and writes in the Philadelphia area with his wife and young son.
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