Branko Gulin

Portraits of

Stanley Kubrick

Dante Alighieri

Andy Warhol

Salvador Dali

James Joyce

Pablo Picasso

all works are graphite on paper, 14" x 16"

Branko Gulin is an American - Croatian multimedia conceptual and performing artist. Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Was resident in Vermont Studio Center (Vermont) and Anderson Center (Minnesota). Had more than 100 exhibitions and art performances in Europe and America.

He writes: "I've been working on the topic of portraits for the past thirty years. My visual expression consists of 'defining' the non-physical in the portrait. I'm focused on the moment which captures the state of the person I'm 'portraying'. Having in mind the information I gathered about that person, I subconsciously create a form. Through my work I'm questioning what are individuality and identity of a person? As I understand it, we are all one, what makes us 'different' are different life situations and experiences which are the reason why we are forgetting that we are all part of a unique being which exists in various forms."

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