Collin Schuster

Guston's Oracle

"To be exiled is not to disappear but to shrink, to slowly or
quickly get smaller and smaller until we reach our real height,
the true height of the self."

[ . . . ]

        "The second thing that Parra's poem teaches us is that na-
tionalism is wretched and collapses under its own weight. If
the expression "collapses under its own weight" doesn't make
sense to you, imagine a statue of shit slowly sinking into
the desert: well, that's what it means for something to collapse
under its own weight."

—Roberto Bolaño, from "Exiles"; "Literature And Exiles"

        first step:


       second: phlegmatically
         circumscribed by rote

            touch, nothing


And there, there
those, upside
down lips
approached by
Lasso the total.
Woodcut by
Edwina Cundall.
monstrance. stud
Plasterwork, tile.

But that's
That's crankshaft.
That's rock out
and replica
victualing adulated temple.
and so ended
on Thursday
with little sevens
to spare

Castilleja coccinea
from a broomrape

Owl. Feen-a-mint.
self for Soffit
Interview the
of silt

Palindrome pink
horse hood figure.
I'm shot. I'm
bloodlet, I'm
chalk, Snow
thyrsus and
shock. Shop talk,
shop talk. A
fecalith of moon.

Fress the crackler.
Nip it in the bud.
Eat the question
arch. Snow horse
in snow.

Embrasure     .

Diameter     .

Above a weir     .

Photos of beautiful rooms in South Africa. Zwelethu Mthethwa.

Metallic glitter, uh-huh. Three little chickadees in the rye, uh-huh.

Foal in back of the suckling barn, glitter on the floor, glitter. Got a vase with willows don't know what to do with it so I throw it out the window, wish, wish, wish, it was a wishing tree. Gonna see C.J.'s pillow next to me. Next to room with blue beads—hung corpse, ruby rouge lips, strange fruit, uh-huh. A pocketful a rye anda chickadee song, don't wait now it won't ever be long. Guston's Oracle hanging in bulbous eye, pink rivets on the fly. Great big dangling light. Big pink horse with a mask in a corner. I took a flower, it took a flower, uh-huh.

                                                                                                                                                             light pink bridges     .

Collin Schuster lives in Maryland. He has poems forthcoming in Lightning'd and Lilliput Review.
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