Issue thirty-two Date of Publication February 1, 2014.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2014 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Jennie Cole

Michael D. Goscinski
Three Haiku

Howie Good
Three Poems

Kyle Hemmings
The World Is a Future Egg

Eric Hoffman
from Entanglement

Raymond Farr
Eight poems

Jim Meirose
In the Diner

John M. Bennett
Text Poems
Three Visual Poems

Craig Cotter
Three poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Five Poems

Jack Galmitz
Eight Visuals & A Poem

A. J. Huffman
Two Poems

Reed Altemus
Three Visual Poems

Three Visual Poems

Paul Summers
Two Poems

Philip Terry & Tom Jenks

Miro Sandev
Two Visual, One Text Poem

Lee Slonimsky
Outwitting The Wind

Joshua Comyn
Three Prose Pieces

Zachary Scott Hamilton
Row Boat Wingspan

SS Prasad
Tamil Poems

Michael Berton
Four Poems

Marthe Reed
Hybrid Flora

Nicola Griffin
Some Visuals

Owen Bullock
Three Poems

John Martone
supernatural songs

Louise Landes Levi
A Talk . . .

Kate Tough
Three Visual Poems

Alex Stolis
We're Accidents at the Scene of the Crime

Elizabeth Allen
Four Poems

Bobbi Lurie
Rice Paper Painting Floating Away

Cecelia Chapman
from Conflict@Heritage Sites

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
foto-poems from VENEZIA

Catherine Vidler
Four Poems

H. Mark Webster
Two Poems

Adam Fieled
from The Posit Trilogy

Joel Chace
from Heaveng

Carol Stetser
Time Again

dan raphael
Four Poems

Corey Wakeling
Three Poems

Taylor Reid
Two Poems

Johannes Bjerg
17 syllables ku

Mariapia Fanna Roncoroni
from the conceptual journey of the LUI (he) and LEI (she)

sean burn
Three Visual Poems

Felino A. Soriano
from antiphonies & spectrums

Leigh Herrick
7KY in 2 Voices, & Zazen With Asemic Ice

John Pursch
Three Poems

Mark Cunningham

Tony Beyer
Nine for Du Fu
Vernon Frazer
Magic Caught Imagining

J. D. Nelson
Three Haiku

Richard Kostelanetz

Lakey Comess
Two Poems

Andrew Brenza
Two Poems

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Darrell Petska
Three Poems

Marc Thompson
Two Poems

Spencer Selby
Six Visuals

Katrinka Moore
Four Visuals, Two Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Four Visuals

Eryk Wenziak & Amy Gentile
ii. retreat

Branko Gulin
Six Portraits

Bogdan Puslenghea
Two Poems

Caleb Puckett
Two Pieces

Bob Heman

Marty Hiatt
put down the years

Gene Flenady
Three Poems

Tim Wright
Prudent declensions

Collin Schuster
Guston's Oracle

bruno neiva
Ruler, hand, plastic bag

Geraldine Burrowes
Four Poems

Dylan Kinnett
Three Poems & A Video

Aditya Bahl
after Vassilis Zambaras’s Aural