Dylan Kinnett

Mick Jagger vs. Gertrude Stein

Angie, Angie
Clouds clouds clouds clouds disappear
Love it ain’t smoke but it don’t whisper.
Leave behind a lean love, clean love, dead eyes
coats, mostly empty, don’t but do, mostly matter
When the goodbye is a dry goodbye,
it is good to be alive
All can’t good dreams, good dreams in time baby

Some are sweet sweet sweet sweet weeping
There be love cried?
Those nights.
Those nights we tried to begin like trees.
Trees tumble.
The old coats are empty souls and we wear them and
We ain’t. We ain’t we. We go.
Comes to it.
Comes to it, see.
There sweet I can’t look on your look
Hates this that tastes so sweet
What is this look?
It’s unsatisfied.
Angie, Angie, you’re beautiful clouds. Goodbye.

Antonymic Lines

Obvious worthlessness is unusual.
Whose value are we talking about anyway?
Time is a fraction with no common denominator.
Like an eye, it only works in one direction.

Those who cry doom are suspect;
Those who cry light, likewise.

Treasure is relative.
There are no unproud profits.
Those without them persist.
Even the sure-set eyes see the sun set.

The Daily News

Punctuated Gertrude Stein

They do. not. eat. who mention, silver and sweet.
They do not eat who. mention. silver and sweet..
They: do not eat. who? mention silver and sweet.
They do not eat? who? mention silver and sweet.
They* do not. eat who mention. silver and sweet.
They do not eat who mention silver and sweet….
They do not eat who mention silver and sweet..

* They d.o. n.o.t. eat who mention silver and sweet
They (do not eat) who mention silver (and sweet.)

They do not eat who mention silver and sweet.

Dylan Kinnett's publishing credits include Strange Punctuation, a spoken word album produced by Magnanimous Records; literary commentary for 'What Weekly', an internet magazine; art criticism for an exhibition catalog at the Maryland Art Place; and literary journals, most recently a poem published in the University of Baltimore’s 'Welter' and an essay in 'Magic Octopus.' He is the founding editor of Infinity's Kitchen, an experimental literary journal, and blogs at NoCategories.net.
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