Eryk Wenziak & Amy Gentile

ii. retreat

Eryk Wenziak serves as editor of rigormort.US, and as art editor of A-minor magazine and art director of A-minor Press. His chapbooks include 1975 published by Deadly Chaps, 4 AM published by NO PRESS, and his latest, You are my anti-spam hero, an appropriated work of spam email subject headings collected over a period of six months. His visual poetry has been published as a silk screen by Red Fox Press. He is currently working on a collection of concrete poems for an upcoming chapbook.

Amy Gentile teaches English at the high school and university level. She has served as a commentator for NPR and has been published in rigormort.US, Long River Run, Paper Nautilus, and several other magazines. She is currently working on a collection of poems for an upcoming chapbook.
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Blogger Wilma Duguay said...

You two collaborate so well in all your artistic endeavors.

-Wilma Duguay

5:45 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What a master piece

2:11 PM  

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