Katrinka Moore

When she dives

water waves mute sound waves
                                                                            and she drifts through silent
sun rays, refracted, misty —
                                                                            her hair unspools, slow-flapping wings —

light body buoys skyward
                                                                            gravity draws bottomward —
hovers      floats
                                                                            in mote-filled quiet, going nowhere

yields                     kicks
                                                                            rises                      breathes
toward a boulder, basks
                                                                            awash in air       bird caws and rattles






Sideshadow nudges
periphery, flutters
the ground, flickers
the sapling.

This fox-thing trots
beside us, just
behind. Corner
of the eye.

Stop short, spin
around — catch

Yarrows stir, fire-
weed wavers.

˜ ˜ ˜

See the abandoned
field turn slowly back
to forest. See it change
from light to shadow to
light throughout the day. Come
clouds, come cloud-erasing wind.

Katrinka Moore's latest poetry book, Numa, will be published by Aqueduct Press in 2014. Poems from Numa appeared in Otoliths 18, 19, and 23.
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