Marty Hiatt

put down the years

    33: the year that changed the world
  410: the year that shook rome
  428: an ordinary year at the end of the roman empire
1066: the year of the conquest
1215: the year of magna carta
1415: henry v’s year of glory
1421: the year china discovered america
1421: the year china discovered the world
1434: the year a magnificent chinese fleet sailed to italy and ignited the renaissance
1453: the holy war for constantinople and the clash of islam and the west
1491: the americas before columbus
1491: new revelations of the americas before columbus
1492: the year the world began
1493: uncovering the new world columbus created
1493: how europe’s discovery of the americas revolutionized trade, ecology and life on earth
1536: the year that changed henry viii
1587: a year of no significance
1599: a year in the life of william shakespeare
1676: the end of american independence
1688: a global history
1688: the first modern revolution
1759: the year britain became master of the world
1775: a good year for revolution
1776: america and britain at war
1776: year of illusions
1787: the grand convention
1788: the brutal truth of the first fleet
1789: the threshold of the modern age
1791: mozart’s last year
1805: austerlitz: napoleon and the destruction of the third coalition
1809: thunder on the danube
1812: the navy’s war
1812: napoleon’s russian campaign
1812: the march on moscow
1812: napoleon’s fatal march on moscow
1812: napoleon in moscow
1812: the great retreat
1813: leipzig: napoleon and the battle of the nations
1815: the return of napoleon
1815: the waterloo campaign: wellington, his german allies and the battles of ligny and
            quatre bras
1815: the waterloo campaign: the german victory
1835: the founding of melbourne and the conquest of australia
1848: year of revolution
1861: the civil war awakening
1863: year of lost opportunities
1864: lincoln at the gates of history
1897: the year that defined american journalism
1908: the dawn of flight, the race to the pole, the making of the model t and the making
            of a modern nation
1910: the emancipation of dissonance
1912: wilson, roosevelt, taft and debs – the election that changed the country
1912: the year the world discovered antarctica
1913: in search of the world before the great war
1914: why the world went to war
1914: the days of hope
1915: the death of innocence
1916: the long revolution
1920: the battle of warsaw
1920: america’s great war
1920: the year of the six presidents
1921: the yankees, the giants, and the battle for baseball supremacy in new york
1929: the collapse that sunk the world
1932: the year that changed a nation
1932: a hell of a year
1933: personal recollections of hitler’s dramatic rise to power
1939: the lost world of the fair
1939: the alliance that never was and the coming of world war ii
1939: countdown to war
1939: the year that changed everything in lithuania’s history
1940: myth and reality
1942: the year that tried men’s souls
1948: harry truman’s improbable victory and the year that transformed america
1948: the first arab-israeli war
1959: the year everything changed
1959: the year that changed our world
1959: the year that inflamed the caribbean
1960: lbj vs. jfk vs. nixon
1963: that was the year that was
1967: israel, the war, and the year that transformed the middle east
1968: the year america grew up
1968: the year that rocked the world
1968: the year that changed america
1968: the world transformed
1969: the year everything changed
1979: the year that shaped the modern middle east
1989: the year that defined today’s world
2011: the year that shook the world
2030: technology that will change the world
2052: a global forecast for the next forty years
2312: a novel

Marty Hiatt is from Melbourne. He has published two chapbooks: Rook’s Lair on a Lever (2012), and portfolio of nothing file of cream (2013).

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