Jack Galmitz

Eight Visuals & One Poem

The flatness of the surface defies
the weight and dimensions of objects.

Instead, it deifies spirit
without space and time.

That is why the Chinese ideogram for poem —
shi — is a word that needs

no other dimension than a surface of bamboo.
So it is in all ancient and religious

art. Graven images removed.
Thus we engage in contemplation of objects

and subjects on the page as if it were a temenos.
This is our quandary. Although our words are not

things, the creation of sacred space is. Perhaps,
the kabalistic word Davarim would help.

The term means words, acts, things, and deeds
all in one. How wonderful it is.

Jack Galmitz was born in NYC in 1951. He received a Ph.D from the University of Buffalo. His most recent works include two volumes of short fiction in the fantastic mode—Tail and Revolt of the Neurons. He continues to make collages and visual images. He is married and lives with his wife in NYC.
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