Owen Bullock


a dream is a blue estuary
with a long corridor

people come and go
hidden in mist

a ten year old’s ambition
erodes the forest where his old self wanders
moors, burras, the burren . . .

the glow of houses, streetlights
are more than clusters of gas

lines peer out
flickering, flashing
at the cow’s coffin-shaped head

two or three start walking that way
then they all follow

the gate-opener
lingers at the back

doing the dishes
“with a decent happiness” Robert Creeley
fill spaces
the cold wall

hot water
rafts into the sink

the silent telephone
prone guitar
dust on its sides

archaic light switches
gauze cloth over the computer
a soft chair

bookcases stacked
stacked again

stereo box
sky light letting in
sky light

more water . . .
imagining electrical currents
through that off-switched charger

rubber gloves tweaked over

sloosh slosh click ting
pour swish rinse

the rack filled

“they shall have one” August Kleinzahler

“will you crawl in / & die with me” Eileen Myles
an embrace
one hand on each shoulder
shawls with a cold neck

he’s a novice of love
transmitter of the unsaid

her incisive 3 a.m.
calls to him
he’s outflanked, unstuck

but his confession . . .
to risk censure
with an ounce of uncaring

over a precipice of declared needs
ailerons start working
despite warnings, bracketed predictions

how to speak further
to make the word rosemary
flavour hunger

he wants something of this life
just as she does

Owen Bullock has published a collection of poetry, sometimes the sky isn’t big enough (Steele Roberts, NZ, 2010); two books of haiku, wild camomile (Post Pressed, Australia, 2009) and breakfast with epiphanies (Oceanbooks, NZ, 2012), and the novella, A Cornish Story (Palores, UK, 2010). He is a former editor of Poetry NZ, and was one of the editors who produced Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol IV (Kei Books, USA, 2012). He recently moved across the Tasman to undertake a PhD in Semiotics and Poetry at the University of Canberra.
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