Sophie Herxheimer & Andrew Taylor

(@herxideas and @dradny)

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01/04/13 16.42

@herxideas: @dradny thanks for insane RT! Think I'm tweeting unbeknownst to myself from my pocket!
01/04/2013 18.08

@dradny: @herxideas I thought it was immense!!!
01/04/2013 19.29

@dradny: @herxideas I hope you are writing these down!
03/04/2013 09.42

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For @dradny sprocket bok ^^
03/04/2013 16.34

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05/04/2013 14.43

@dradny: @herxideas loving this... Keep it up!
06/04/13 10.42

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06/04/13 10.44

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06/04/13 10.44

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06/04/13 10.47

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06/04/13 11.24

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06/04/13 11.57

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06/04/13 15.11

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09/04/13 15.15

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09/04/13 16.34

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09/04/13 16.48

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Lost like the tiger stuffed with silk scarves on the escalator

The hint of sun offers welcome relief

And the hunt of sense & the height of sniff & the wigs of the stiffs in the jeering avenues

across the estuary there is still snow on the Welsh hills

Downstairs on the sideboard a drift of unpaid bills

the platform smells of track canopy offers limited shelter post no bills

limited shelter offered up by the smell and the shape of formality. Only for bus shaped buses or shepherds pies in queues

Pale fountains heard in bus stops. Produced by Ian Broudie. Remixed by morons.

Fountains, patisseries, chandeliers and ballerinas: morons cannot dampen this twinkling parade - crash a boot through the clinical vitrine!

Easter parade solitary piano hush of pads

Pad pad go the flowers pad pad! . Eh. Hg. A bed. Cdnvx. . Dow xvhdz be RA NI B Fuchs. David's act GDP fed GED jazz- pad plaid tartan fad

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Self styled asylum guru in fires I DDR Zs DogTV. Egg jug. Feds. UVB.
SSS. Zac rechargg. Youth jug. T&c. dad bad day MEDS this utfv itv

Pins skin stress relief the sun is needed. after winger BBC bboias Sat u day travel miss her. Lime to Rd wave. Polish memory sb's snap

Pancake ashes on a destruction Bohg - adds turns back on vinegar slant
CDC Velasquez question ax did ssvc ff CBC FTC yfcc moo?

Always vinega crow ra sun freakzone 6musiv brush drum EFC sat love egg Parisian smell step MILK

Model rail thesis and its nemesis- assemble fed gd gfvh g g gritty gingham clad anti hero an A to Z of spellcheck: Aspidistra Zinnia Gone

Station bars Parisian chic agro phobic travelator 2 hrs home bound in gold PhD Orwell work Kraft studio warm weather phone at 14.00 (:)

Gravy coloured monolith sde asks Cavafy fateful day. Parade of fancy footwear on the winners podium. Jelly of the Revolution die grass

Fence peel drip of wheely bin. Height of holly tree. Cover of cloud arc of bvs will whiskey rescue? USB tv daffodil vase birthday cards

Face pale drop off reality grins. Fright of jollity. Lover of proud dark til biscuits bless you? U bes B faff or grill glass worth 8 words

Slow drop fed face moondog BRJ dark fall bed room paint smell plastic window dirty water polished table coal fire NUM phone ring curtain

Bowl, mop, dead place, slog - elegy- sharp fall head gloom- saint swell drastic hint of murky... What demolished fable knows or is uncertain

Shoal doowop prayer grace hog phall spread tomb smell of ripening HMS Fable Prynne

a fool drops layers in a race for bog pail. Pin tail to SMH likening for lemsip bombshell print dress.

Dress is always telling coffee unit51 lemon drizzle street scars decay of warehouse rumble of skate board of paint hops river moss

Mossycoat delivers a lopsided grin on a lemon street platter.
One day she wears her house, bares her sole, next day her house wears her out.

Mossybridge nr canal hung washing canal boat I SEE YOUR TRACKS (I do follow) thanks LV I'd like to visit Portland and record space

Sausages: banal in the reflection - my blackened pan in your window- BARGE ROSES on all the lined up crocks. Spy it: last weeks everything

Vegetarian haggis: refrigeration ecover hands rough pans clean WHITE CHESTNUT capital anxiety CYE bday cards pink sky evening

The day was rich with possibilities Daisy was impossibly rich Richard was implausibly famous for filching pen nibs from filthy inky scribes

Richness of brownies fresh from the oven possible company for tomorrow when the sun rises and the traffic flows and neighbours make noise

Monday's a maroon oblong- painted with a fresh coat each week, each time a slightly different shade. Balance on it vermilion sun & chocolate

It's a good day to dry the clothes. Hopefully the traffic will be as last week - sensible. This room still smells of Manor House Grey.

The grey of a great grey house imposing against.... Hang on, the pigeon is bigger, it's flies & blots out our tiny heads at the bus stop.

The grey of Harmony by The Wake. Yes. That is the correct colour.

The chaos of a swirling psychedelic universe, frenzy of red n rose- pin into discipline by dint of a lavender tweed suit: tailored, herxed-

Paisley is the way. Ah if doused in lavender so much the better it can be essential it can be shower gel tweed please herxideas dradny

Chopped parsley so perks up a ballad, or a bowl of sad letters - we're back to nibbling on ragged scraps, making our parquet into bonfires

It does especially at spring's cusp. I do miss the smell of carbon in the morning it so makes the day in the most perfect sense

Pink rust: malevolent as wing nuts. The prime minister fell as a Gorgon into the Bourbon- mark the day as an earwig might: hide in the fence

The Zola is not vegetarian. I resent this. As for bourbon I prefer mine on the rocks though I believe cloudy lemonade is the way forward

You! Vegetarian haggis & now this! Dall and rice, a nice glass of clouds, a rain of lemons, rock oysters smiling & waving - pearly queens.

Phall and oh all with rice. Cold for breakfast. Oranges and lemons 1989 or was it 1990? For men Heathrow and metaphysics reviews motel

Building-tall knitting-long. Stripes of woollen bricks smell like sadness in your rain/my rain- edifice blows down like dandelion clock OOF!

Excess. GCSE hg. NFC. bday. V. Caz. Min FB iivin ugh! Dry veg in da house n scrap sorbet was by Ribbon road, saw a feta try 2 cross stitch

nif kif fik FIN

Morsel portal dorsal FIN

Immortal parcel - paper thin paper FIN

Montgolfier brothers seventeen stars MC5001CD poptones FIN

close up of a red balloon rising against cloudless china blue, just a tight type of air encased in shine, a skin around some lungwork, FIN

Nitrogen inflation provides superior performance over compressed air because the rate nitrogen passes through the structure of tyres... FIN

You've stuffed more than the air allowance into your 140 characters sir.
I offer you this less inflated speech bubble by return FIN

I cram FIN

I faintly pencil it in - FIN

I breathe a sigh of relief FIN

F(r)I(e)N(dly wishes for your paper delivery)
(Af)FINities abound

Andrew Taylor is a poet based in Liverpool and Nottingham. His debut collection Radio Mast Horizon is published by Shearsman Books.

Sophie Herxheimer is a London based artist and poet who weaves together elements of autobiography and domestic life with surprising elements from fairy tales and other stories.

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