Bogdan Puslenghea

surface 01

           night but morning   
  drippy rumors and teeth
fingers & nostrils
   rain, withered lights, and
                        idle silence-
beauty at most

another thing :

surface 02

          distinctive feature: falling,
constantly falling:               aside

apart                           the other,
a                                 wholly similar
l                                  yet devastatingly
o    o                           different

surface 03                 

my love an angry saint world broken world fraught with 
        riven visions muse impenetrable or broken as water if possible 
planet water it touches and becomes flesh memory 
        data it simpers subject passing it frowns subject consuming 
       it sees animal subject impassable in the mirror precise is distance or love 
        angry as matter if possible world  patient and consuming muse
broken as love impenetrable as world angry saint it dwells on the inducement
                it simpers sees animal and mirror role of error it frowns sees animal 
            in mirror world listless or impenetrable and consuming my method dis 


Bogdan Puslenghea's first published poem appeared two years ago in Otoliths #25. Since then his work can be found in Degu A Journal of Signs, Truck, International Times, Haggard & Halloo Publications and Caliban online amongst other places.
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