Carey Scott Wilkerson

Five Icarian Motivics
after lines from Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book VIII: 183-285

In tropisms and push through
torque is as plunge within
nomologic plane if loom or
sequent and system’s twirl

Conic the proof but a section
claims is as plummet within
positivist’s thrall a cloture
a nomenclature a and a

bleed thus across directrix of
programmatic is as descent within
cyclic (…) vast vaulting although
is the or if as not from so and thema

plural convergence clear upon chain to
confluence of is as dropping within
to plasticity drooping in plexic and
combinatorics is upon a theory the

transmutable slow day of a
wingèd fool is as falling within
some lost and troubled dream
will have been a quatrain

Carey Scott Wilkerson, poet and dramatist, is author of two poetry collections, Threading Stone and Ars Minotaurica, both from New Plains press. His play Seven Dreams of Falling premiered in northern summer, 2013 in Los Angeles and is published by Black Box Theatre Press. He holds an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte and teaches at Columbus State University.
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