Issue thirty-three Date of Publication May 1, 2014.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2014 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Anne Gorrick
Two Poems

SS Prasad
From 100 Poems

Richard Lopez & Lars Palm
Five Poems

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Master Sayings

Mark Melnicove
Four Visuals

Mark Reep

Márton Koppány
Two Visual Poems

Peter Ganick

Philip Byron Oakes
Three Poems

Jack Galmitz
Eight Visuals & One Poem

Eric Hoffman
Four Poems

David-Baptiste Chirot
Moby Dick Concrete Literalist Poem, & Posters, Flyers, etc. for the Native Spirit Film Festival
Heads & Other Pieces

Bob Marcacci
Four Poems

David Dick
my heart is hard & furry yellow

Youdhisthir Maharjan
Language Older than Words

Raymond Farr
Five Poems

Steven Fraccaro
from Dark Angels: A Novel of the Future Past

Heidi A. Howell
Three Poems

Scott Metz
Some ku

A. J. Huffman
Three Poems

Richard J. Fleming
Two Poems

John M. Bennett
Nine Poems
Four Visual Poems

Les Wicks
Two Poems

Howie Good
Three Poems

Jean Vengua
Three Haptics

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Lesbos. Sappho

Martin Edmond
Two Prose Pieces

Sheila e. Black
collaborations with Courtney Spohn & with Caleb Puckett

Andrew Taylor

Sophie Herxheimer & Andrew Taylor

Bobbi Lurie

Wayne Mason
Five Poems

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
discrete entries

Diana Magallón
Three Mixed-Media Pieces

Mitchell Garrard
After The Tone

Robert McDonald
Two Letter Poems

Joe Balaz
Five Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

Claudio Parentela
Ten Visual Pieces

Sara Jean Lane
A Haiku

Chris Ashby
Power and Desire

Anne Elvey
Two Poems

bruno neiva
Kurt wanders through the fields (1 & 2)

Lakey Comess
Four Poems

Maria Garcia Teutsch
Whore Son

Nicholas Bon
Three Poems

Francesco Aprile
Four Visual Poems

Simon Perchik
Two Poems

Steve Tills
Three Poems

Owen Bullock
Three Poems

Anela Aliotis
Four Visual Pieces

Olivier Cans
Four Paintings

Mark DuCharme
from Defacement

Sarah James
Four Visual Poems

Roger Williams
La Proche du Mystère

Massimo Stirneri
Two Poems

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems
Alberto Vitacchio
from Lettering

Neil Ellman
Small Worlds XII

Carla Bertola
Eight Visual Pieces

Aditya Bahl
Three Haiku

Cat Leonard
The Third Oblivion

For Varlam Chalamov

John Pursch
Three Poems

sean burn
Two Visual Poems

Lucy Wilks
52 Transpositions after Oulipo

Pete Spence
Variations On A Theme. A Sestina

Willie Smith

Jake Goetz
Urban gardening

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
from the planets of the other world feel it more

Marcia Arrieta
Seven Poems, Four Visuals

Sam Langer
Five Poems

Susan Kachor Conlon
Picasso's Demoiselle

J. D. Nelson
Five Poems

nathaxn walker
Three Poems

Jim Eigo
Five Concrete Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Three Visuals & A Poem

Bob Heman

Spencer Selby
Seven Visuals

Bogdan Puslenghea
Four Poems

Ric Carfagna
from Symphony No. 10

Reijo Valta
Directions, 1&2

Carey Scott Wilkerson
Five Icarian Motivics

Katrinka Moore
Three Visuals & A Poem

Javant Biarujia