Jim Eigo

Jim Eigo has written on theater, dance, art, literature, sex and the design of clinical trials. He helped design two reforms of AIDS drug regulation, accelerated approval and expanded access, reforms that facilitated the delivery of many treatments to people across the world. His short fiction has appeared in such volumes as Best American Gay Fiction #3, in such periodicals as The Chicago Review and at such online venues as Cleaver Magazine and Bohemia. His first published art work appears in The Poetics of Space from Intima Press. He writes: "My BFA, from CalArts, is in playwriting. But when I attended the school in the early 1970s, I took a course, The Write of Arting, from a founding figure of Concrete Poetry, Emmett Williams. I have been interested in hybrid forms of art and writing ever since."
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Blogger Unknown said...

Love your poetry especially the concrete ones...I am doing a workshop in a primary school about poetry. I want to give the children the opportunity to savour some new poetry...can I show them some of yours?



4:09 PM  
Blogger jimeigo said...

Hi Kitty,

Of course, I would be honored to have you show your students my work.

Best wishes,
Jim Eigo

6:43 AM  

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