Johannes S. H. Bjerg

from the planets of the other world feel it more
      17 syllable ku written while listening to the music of Scott Cortez

if I hum walls will crumble or become cotton candy then I'll wear the blue shoes


she merges with the window on a Monday light is a dog she keeps for walking


if anything: I watch a rose bloom in The Origin of the World


in the right pupil a revolving door to a hall for seahorses


between my ears a melting altar for the absent some muscles hurt


let's move slowly not to damage the light the streets will catch us and laugh


in a short life (they're all short) eternity is a D-major chord

Johannes S. H. Bjerg(born 1957) is a Dane writing in Danish & English simultaneously, mainly (hai)ku and related forms. He is the instigator and co-editor of Bones - a journal for contemporary haiku.

His books: Penguins / Pingviner - 122 bilingual haiku (English and Danish) in 2011 through Cyberwit, India; Parallels, English language short verse, Yet To Be Named Free Press, England, 2013; Threads / Tråde, bilingual haiku, Createspace 2013; Notes 10 11 -12 / Noter 10 11 -12, bilingual (solo) linked verse, Yet To Be Named Free Press, England, 2013; Paper Bell Lessons / Papirklokkebelæringerne, bilingual haiku, Createspace, 2013; Like a Plane / Som et fly, image and haiku, ebook; Noah's Eggs / Noahs æg bilingual parallel haiku, Yet To Be Name Free Press, England, 2014; 23.345 bilingual ku, Createspace, 2014. Most of these books have a free ebook version for reading/downloading. An extensive list with links can be found here .

His blogs: 2 tongues / 2 tunger, bilingual haikai; Parallels and stuff, bilingual parallel haiku(-like); 5 mountains, bilingual tanka
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