Michael Brandonisio

Drawing in White and Red



I cannot communicate
Under an overcast into the vanishing
As a camera sees
A frigid woman in provocative position
The expression on her face
Reading newspaper in couture mode
A newspaper printed from recycled trees

Someone uttered between ennuis
What will the future bring?
I rethink thoughts/revisit images on a treadmill
This will last no longer than one day/one night
And then

Turning without color snaking the city
I arrived late for the party
All the people were frozen in place
In a tableau vivant/in a comic strip
Their mouths and eyes stitched shut
There was one handclap
I repeat
I cannot communicate
Unless I touch you in some way
Maybe only then -
Yet I worry this true confession
Conceals another postponement
Amidst the debris


Michael Brandonisio, photographer/visual artist/poet, lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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