Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Has anyone ever found a purple?

No, only 4 were dropped in beta.

4 in beta. None reported in full release.

No, and blue too.

I farmed a lot and only blues.

I farm like 20 blues per day and no purple so far.

How the heck do you get all those blues?

Most of the blues I got are levels 15-20 but yeah, from time to time some crappy ones appear.

I think that is just luck, because I got this from a chest in Area 1-1 XD.

Fk finding purples, we b crafting.

According to my observation, as long as there is a two level 2 skills coupled with a jade or obsidian is purple, probably the last 100 times will get it.

I got one. In fact, I could have had two purples. There was a jade purple ring. I didn't buy it immediately. Instead I was admiring it.

Purples are super rare.

Blues, on the other hand, are a lot more common.

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