Steve Timm

Three Poems from
The Correction of the Autobiostrophes of Dumpy with [Avatars]

SESSONRY                                                                                                          [Avatar]

thumbed the trigger teasel green and bare
prolixy bouts you take of
I’m the gardener they chirred till-now-till
not so bidextrous as’d be thought
see ’f there’s no you to duress
attanoid julation
pardons on cheese
abroped circumferi
what’s your seep around the missing flange
your flail in a on trial
what’s this all about, Very Funny
how may whats you got
riddleder’n a monkey antsy on acne?
seams the sounds like a arithmetic errs
let’s do a scent dance, vac you vérmucc, Elly
well schwa di da in a Welsh wadi, Da
I’m sorry did you kinock in your way in
diddle your knees, pass the ingenpendence
as on your as ever own
you got you I got me
took my look around


Incur din cur of ocher
tunite on the stevens channel
hey that’s not-me
a vergetable benefit concerto
slimin’ slays
no felling where this ands up
the laying off of anything
a darkenful of whoseyed
meantwhile a bowelful of instant theremin oodles
the camera mugs for dearest thee
o infixed variable of sequation
o bactrian queen of jungle larks
that is better as the tongue flaps
and I’d sagree to as much
o my eyedyed dearling
I regionate
this is a posting a scent unknelled
I kneel you
I curve
ask how this happened
and does it ever


BEEZIAL DEUR                                                                                                        [Avatar]

unhand me, Grueling Pistil
stamina shrug loop on Pickyrown Mountain
kill me
anaphor extended in friendship
and the other past possibilities either way
fir stride best ride
a nip at the old cuptials
when all motion is best hyphenic practic
live at Zooy’s Beastrow
afterolic monkst the ziraffodyls
the thusual rifle or so of bedyou taunts by the cutcostillions
Hairónthemove! unleapt logic, lap radar rrheality
locate me! quacied the lookateur
quat Qurly in the beginning was the void
if none list I can lam
the can I am
that’s process for ya
bye bye sweet caress
that’s a direst quota
a throat test
supial dulceusions paid in grind

Steve Timm has published two books of poems, Un storia and Disparity. He teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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