John Lowther

Nine Sonnets from 555

You can't really just kick the aesthetic dimension in the nuts and
               laugh and run away.
He's working with professionals, after all, he just needs to make sure
               everything runs smoothly.
Here now is the fifth episode on the idea of a primitive recursive
Can I get one of whatever they're having and some nachos.

Think how physics would be without its frictionless pulleys,
               conservative fields, ideal gases.
The villains immediately devote themselves to acts of senseless and
               horrifying destruction.


That's the centripetal force of the unsexiness of daily life.
Style is the person to whom I address myself.
I do not assert that any hypotheses are true.
All I know is I love sucking her cock.
Irony is always happening in this totally sincere way.
When the paper was rustling the hole was silent.
One day you'll learn not to dream at all.
Were this not done the chaos would be complete.
Thank you for selecting one of our seating solutions.
It's the little deets that make a big dif.

If the self-portrait is unflattering, I can’t apologize.
Those who would like to may call that terrorism.


To know something can be compared to: having a slip of paper in my
               pocket on which it is written down.
It takes about half a gallon of water to cook spaghetti, and about a
               gallon of water to clean the pot.
The impulse for territory, then, is not just a matter of land; it is a
               matter of finding free space.
You are not too sensitive; you are feeling in your gut that this is not
               the way you should be treated.
When dealing with crimes of passion the perp doesn't really take
               punishment into consideration.
Write your name and give it to him.


Why enormous intergalactic events always look like kitsch paintings
               of enormous intergalactic events.
Mice and humans are so closely related after all.
They say 'running away from your problems' like it's a bad thing, but
               if they don't catch up, what's the problem.
If it's any solace, everybody dies alone.
How long does it have to go on before you just let go.

We are still dealing with a simple going-on to which one cannot
               confer the inner unity of a history.


I got a hopscotch teardrop ready to go.
Off is the general direction in which I wish you would fuck.
Let us see Humanity.
I'll never buy you another meatball sub with extra sauce.
I'm giving you an order.
A single bullet can never destroy the beauty of fascism.
You can still hear our song.
It's how to confront aggression and you do it and it's like boom.
But, now they are all dead.

It is more of an act than a text, perhaps, but not act enough.
I just want someone to love me.
Think about it.


Maybe she needs more punishment.
She didn't stand a chance.
I'm glad for her, because she deserves it.
She went straight home in a flood of tears, and a sedan chair.
She sounds like a chimpanzee on a tire swing.
Now, look at this sorry, miserable, squashed thing.
Then afterwards, when I would look back, she would look away.
Oh she thinks I'm too critical, that's another fault of hers.
I went back every night, same time, for two weeks, but she never
               showed up.
He wants to reach a place that does not exist until he touches it with
               his mouth.


The big black box often frightens people.
We just had another slight server hiccup.
Everyone is so busy believing in things.
Wild flowers don't care where they grow.
There are mounds of science behind this.
Everything is personal if you're a person.
Peanut butter made with real peanut butter.
It isn't the whole story, of course.
Do the meat curtains match the carpet.
That will be my third Disney puzzle.
We've managed to agree on your problem.
We're born naked, the rest is drag.
Yes it hurts, let's make a joke.
I surpass everything.
This pleasure-seeking individual always looks his best.


So the story is that god put a man's g-spot up his butt but intended
               nothing else to ever be put there.
The more use it gets while you collect the data you need to run your
               crack, the better your chances of success.
The instructions on the left are the same as always, and describe
               exactly what you do with your hands.
It's about getting out of your head.
She rubs her pussy in a quest for orgasm.
The witness stand is a lonely place to lie.
I'd call that an eventual win, if it happens.
Every crack speaks volumes.


Like a shotgun needs an outcome, I'm your prostitute you gon' get
What one says remains forgotten behind what is said in what is

You've got a bag of pennies and everybody else is using credit
The struggle is always inner, and is played out in the outer terrains.

It was nearly as large as a soccer ball and weighed two pounds.
It is only irritating to think one would like to be somewhere else.

They've just got to carry on about true love, new life, deep
I want you to know what you're doing really sucks.

A member of the Atlanta Poets Group from 1997 to 2012, John Lowther has now embarked upon a solo career. The University of New Orleans Press published The Lattice Inside: An Atlanta Poets Group Anthology in 2012. John's book with Dana Lisa Young, Held to the Letter, is forthcoming from Lavender Ink. He’s writing his dissertation on issues that transgender and intersex people’s lives raise which require reconceptualizing of Lacanian psychoanalysis under the sign of queer theory. He edits 3rdness Press.
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John--simply a tour de force! Great lines. I love--Do the meat curtains match the carpet--I laughed out loud!

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