Leigh Herrick

Are You Thinking about It Yet?

toward no ruling this heat (silent poem for congress)




attrition    s

wh se c l rless h   rs



as long wounds



in lesions of snow

Field Notes (July 4, 2008)

I was looking for the indiscriminate space of cyber conversation with him
as in STAY IN TOUCH NOW EVEN DURING WAR being the model situation
between us and then his sudden comeback: Cyber my Ass! as if portal to one
was something else’s hole in the ground—
& in spite of full-length-featured, higher-up assurances he—
nevertheless and with existential-primal comprehension all keyed up over lines—
had to scream: WAKE UP! WAKE UP!
between mortared morning & bulleted eve & the one thing unforeseen
splitting his gut wide in the new reality’s show of entrails & blood that allowed
the only truth he’d ever really known to spill & mix
with everything else he’d kept inside but was spitting now
in a land where sun will hold its coffee all day
and men piss anywhere they can
knowing there’s a whole lot more killing
and dying to be done

Red Pen

Leigh Herrick is a poet, writer, and recording artist. Herrick’s books are WITHOUT, HAIKU and HOME FRONT: Poems of the Bush II Years. For full information about Herrick’s writing and other practices, please visit www.LeighHerrick.com.
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