Louise Landes Levi

the Rainmaker
Ira Cohen

though the
Rainmakers gathered in
your speech, as thought the seeds unfolded
in your breath,

was it all Reflection &
there we lost the meaning & the content
of the Symbolic Mirror. In your plenitude appeared
my empty state, for your pleasure I played again
my harp of passion & rejoiced,

At dawn the tailor's threads translucent, at dusk
his cloak is sewn, for when we speak of Allegory
we do not mean the Absence
of the Stranger.

The substance was imminent
& Immanence fled appearance to inundate
your form
When they murdered him
He disappeared entirely, that Lover
of the Master of Tabriz.

The above poem by Louise Landes Levi is forthcoming as a broadside from Cold Turkey Press. The photo of Ira Cohen is by Gerard Bellaert.
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