SS Prasad

Swami and Two Men

Seeing me from the ground floor,
Swami ordered,
“Remove your underwear!”. I did.

Seeing him from the ground floor,
Swami ordered,
“Remove your underwear!”. He did.

Now, between the two of us,
Swami alternates
better than a pedestal fan.


Ms. Malati
fiddles with her cunt.
Watch it! The body

needs no translation.

In Tamil country,
sex is taboo
in the open. Chase it

in your imagination!

On Anna Salai, four men
are helping Sukeertharani
gozandose herself

in Spanish and French.


Nivedita checks in.

We won’t transform
into mango trees
if Sage Succhi

curses us. Aye

Kutti, come on! I call myself
kunjupoet in semi-translation;
call me kunju

if you like it short.


Under the fly-
over, along
the service lane,
a woman
lifts her saree.

Seeing her bare arse,
I think of Arundhathi Subramaniams:

Why only Indian men
should pee in the open,
why not Indian women?

The poems above are taken from the 'Wild and Wicked' section of SS Prasad's Tamil Poems, some more of which appeared in Otoliths 31 and 32.
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