Jake Goetz

Mountain sonnet

the Alps in the sky
& i on a train
bringing the Alps to this page
this day               once in a lifetime
like most days               the mountains 
cut by time               stand in the sky
snow & stone               like ice in my mouth
& i               sitting in the DeutschBahn
flying               on the ground 
from Munich               to Graz
thinking of nothing more
than bringing the Alps
to this page 

Cronulla afternoon 2005

     after Geoff Page’s ‘Bondi Afternoon 1915’

white Australia is immortalised
in the yellow sand

from the esplanade drunk cries
for their water, their land

their line of horizon cut
by a freighter that connects

a light blue to dark:
two shades, one colour


this poem is a freighter

but the image today:
Union Jack and Southern Cross

keeping the horizon divided
in a mirage of difference

Jake Goetz is a writer from Sydney. His poetry has appeared in the Sun Herald, Rabbit, Voiceworks and Otoliths. He currently studies writing at the University of Wollongong.
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