John Pursch

Pried Pajama Moonlight

Blackened cloud banks
paint thematic skyline humps
with cool enamel capillaries,
blowing lapidary leaves in
chesty teacup masterminds of
heist mechanic Plexiglas pejoratives,
flashing lighter fluid plopping parts
in burly parturition doomsday
interregnum lollipops, tied to
discombobulated stamp collectors.

Browning amid buttered pundits,
clambake cousins disinter
detestation’s incessant fulminator,
clearing freshened sod from
blonde bicuspid polar fragrances,
replete with civil jaundice.

Slow jalopies dangle consonant antennae,
frisking queerly flocking pneumatic bees
for raindrop canary datelines, tangled with
vivacious island nemeses in shyly lit encaustic zeal.

Thievery adores a syphilitic onset’s paternity coot,
cabling his sexy quim for slippery bluesy
telemarketing champagne Adonis fits,
pent to maximal annihilation.

Kestrels collide in swindled scalar heat,
scoff at cloudburst media cetacean drift,
and revel in the pried pajama moonlight
flanks of beany toppers, twisting silently
to born delight’s eternal overflow.

Cigarette Souffles

Noodles implore sardines
to covet additive hallucinations,
breeding torn seal editions with
mucilage from predatory check machines,
mixing heresy and twi-night pablum satyrs.

In mired sophisticates, hands mind
seeping pie logs for smallish friezes,
flaming out before tamed covert hovercraft
can slop an otter’s leftover flipper amidships.

Barflies sully deckhand sputum thumper cares
with shellfish Saigon worry sheaves
of eyeless instep handkerchiefs
and squabble shoelace tachycardia.

Pants are blown clear,
biennial cranberry sausage polenta
shivers into nominal stoolies,
and arguments disintegrate
in swarming peanut uncle gripes.

Smatterings resolve to leer again
at agrarian misfits who saute
known hit batsmen, wafting
little beagle claims above
necrotic pop-top trichinosis reports.

Socratic burdens purloin playtime ingots
from Samuel’s frosty nook, serving
sunken chips of stirred holsters to
parquet trapeze sawdust queens
in swindled sheets.

Rocks erect sedated pressure
stilts in lewdly sordid placard flint,
painting self-effacing cigarette souffles
on carthorse weasel wherewithal,
slowing to a tactical belief.

Whirlwind Doxies

Doubt replays its staunch hermaphroditic embassy
of ranting tutelage and startled bubonic dignity
in screeds of well-worn molar grindstone bellboy hops,
plugging some latent nightgown tourniquet breech
with roll-on Drano powdered eye remover,
shrunk to numb heuristic cuddling frowns,
grown cataleptic in the nightly sturgeon’s
flask of elongated gloves.

Lunging airways stop
at nutmeg cemetery scimitars,
miscible within wheat’s infield frying plane,
spelunking to the tomb of clever hooves
and chute pretender parentage,
cuffed to static governors of chi-square
corporation klieg blight pinnacles,
muffing chopstick stationery gills
in knife-bite silo haystack crawls
for seething glow of captive poplars.

Floating tusks emit the crazy horoscope
of switchback plastic cupcake Slinkies,
barking up a wrestler’s woolen dregs
to sneeze in muddled tumbling urges,
stomped to iterated smithereens
by candid handymen on loaves
of cheesy spy rehearsal meals,
seeding savory challengers
between acerbic midnight tales
of crotch extrusion morning
flurry’s consecration bust.

Was it bubbly gang-up leader yore,
persimmon skis, or beautiful interment quail,
piled in skylight maze of sea sledge hermeneutics,
newly blown by whirlwind doxies fresh from
crampon animosity’s bulimic demitasse?

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His recently released experimental lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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