Ken Bolton / September Poems / 5.

5  (Here)

Arabia—‘the South’—
The Mediterranean—all of these.
This is the Adriatic
—tho not far from 
Italy, the South etcetera.
The Catholic, Croatian architecture
suggests even, to me, Spain,
Central America.  But I know
too much & too much of it
in no detail.  Know too little.  Near,
Roy Fisher’s poems, my glasses case,
sunglasses, a mobile phone,
another biro.
                         The plastic
table cloth—over 
white plastic chairs
& plastic table—faded,
almost white itself—

a pattern remaining,
of palest aqua shapes
& pale, orange-outlined
squares, circles, diamonds—

a foot or two further away.

The sun is throwing a shadow now
—as it lowers—
of my head 
on these things, 
the shadow even 
of my biro, 
my pad on my 

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