Marty Hiatt

qs raised bout my balance
of payments limbs
flailing on the rock face
had my trunk amputated
dreaming bout gunns the while—
cock me.

lunga fermata


                                          for a good easter surprise, 
                                                                try dipping mars
                                             hmallow peeps in chocolate and then 
                                                      nailing your entire family to a cross.
                                                 a little dessert won’t kill you. 

                           your heart’s against my chest
                                   your lips pressed to my neck
                           I’m falling for your eyes
                                  but they don’t know
                           I’m dying as I can’t bre ah t e

                                               went to bed, bath, & beyond with my son.
              We laughed and discussed my brilliance.

           The ice age is coming 
                  the sun is zooming in.

We know we have a lot of work ahead, but 
by the end of this year, Santorum will be
on the lips of every young Republican.

                                                the triforce be with you:

                              Closing the silverware drawer with a pelvic
                 thrust I masturbate with you in mind

                              and louder than bombs playing it

                                                   straight and have it for sale. I’m not totally
                                               useless. I can be used as a bad example. look
                                                      deep within these honourable
                                                           eyes: this is my kingdom: 
                                                            you: there is no such thing.

                                              LA feels fun: stoner. join me in a moment
                                                                               of everclear aquarium silence. whats
                                                                         wrong with these pictures.

                                        easter eggs for hitler photobombed by jesus

                                                                   hail satan!
“carrying two large sacks of hostess products out of butternut bread bakery outlet, bob mourned the loss of an america iconic brand. nothing compares to a hostess twinkie, bob said. i can’t believe they are gone. i tried other brands and have tossed them away. what will i have with my chocolate milk now if i can’t have a suzy q? also buying snacks friday was “cowboy” who had some tongue-in-cheek words of advice on the issue of national lawmakers. when the world ends next month — these treats will be the new currency.”
that’s so raven, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over. i’m in a glass case of emotion. outside bad... the sun’s scary when I recover I won’t be afraid to eat nutella. are you still depressed because you’re alone and no one loves you? do not give opinions or advice unless asked. i have to go play golf now. see ya. i want to see something more real than god... like a dragon. let’s change the subject. artificial flowers, lace, ribbons, feathers, elbow length gloves. i like people who smile when it’s raining. filthy console peasants, welcome to asgard blow your mind with hostile thinkies wait this is germany??? once upon a time there was an ugly duckling named hans, he was so ugly he died, in conclusion, leanne hall is a dumb bitch people are bitching about athletes and their war against religion. it’s dangerous to go alone! take this! bitch dropped the weed. you been watching the new seasons? coz america likes me now. i think you’re the fucking antichrist. i hear crying. oh, wait, it’s just me. you don’t say. welcome, traveller, to the boudoir of the snow queen i don’t remember eating a fucking legend this is fucking bullshit: destroy everything. need to whip up a dessert in a hurry? sorry babe, i gotta save the internets you’re in my inappropriate thoughts, reasons why fireworks save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless open this pit up out of fucking nowhere Aaaaiiiggghhh !!!

bon bah bof

bouffer la bouffe
boucher la bouche
bourrer la bourriche
bouger le bouge
bouder le boudeur
bouler le boulier
bouter la boutade
boursoufler la bouse
bousculer le bouseux
boulonner le boulot
bouillir le bouif
bousiller la bourse
à coups de boutoir

bouée dans la boue

Marty Hiatt is from Melbourne. He has published two chapbooks: Rook’s Lair on a Lever (2012), and portfolio of nothing file of cream (2013).
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