Issue thirty-four Date of Publication August 1, 2014.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2014 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Anne Gorrick
Three Poems

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
[Has anyone ever found a purple?]

Jessie Janeshek
Four Poems

Christopher Mulrooney
Two Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
from Choruses

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Steve Timm
Three Poems from The Correction of the Autobiostrophes of Dumpy with [Avatars]

Pete Spence
Neatly Beyond the Articulate.

Thomas Michael Gillaspy
Five Photographs

Jim Meirose
I Search

Jack Galmitz
More Visuals

John M. Bennett
Fifteen Text Poems

Jim Leftwich
from Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 75

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

Thomas M. Cassidy & John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

Tom Beckett
from Appearances: A Novel in 365 Fragments

Joe Balaz
Five Pidgin Poems

B. T. Joy
Two Poems

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Louise Landes Levi
the Rainmaker (for Ira Cohen)

SS Prasad
Three Poems

Philip Hammial
Two Poems

Cecelia Chapman
"Do Your Homework"

Bobbi Lurie
A Painting & A Prose Piece

Pam Brown
Two Poems

Nicola Griffin
Nude For One


Ken Bolton

September Poems

Postcards from the Adriatic and London
September, 2007

John McKernan
Two Poems

Natsuko Hirata
Two Poems

Shataw Naseri
Three Poems

Eileen R. Tabios
Two Poems

John Lowther
Nine Sonnets from 555

sean burn
limn iii

Mary Kasimor & Susan Lewis
Five Poems

Stephen Nelson
Seven Visual Poems

Sheila E. Murphy
Five Poems

Michelle Greenblatt & Sheila E. Murphy
Two More Poems

bruno neiva
quase textos 1.1 - 1.4

Aditya Bahl

Andrew Topel
from the X series

Leigh Herrick
Two Visuals & Two Poems

Satu Kaikkonen

Andrew K. Peterson
Sequence extracted from The Adorable Details

Andrew Brenza
from In Orbit

Marco Giovenale
Two Langrids

Marcello Diotallevi

Jeff Harrison
Four poems

David-Baptiste Chirot
Behind the Lines & other Vispo
More Vispo

Marcus Liljedahl
Core of Lightness

Felino A. Soriano
from Of variant rhythms

Jeremy Freedman
Five Photographs & A Poem

Carol Stetser
from Map Quest

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
from "On Separation from the World"

J. D. Nelson
Five Poems

Bob Heman

Francesco Levato
[from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’)]

Mark Staniforth
Three Visuals

Lakey Comess
Five Poems

Ong Sher Li
A Cage Half-Tribute

Kit Kennedy
Four Poems

Cherie Hunter Day
Seven Collages

Texas Fontanella

Maureen Alsop
Visuals & Texts

Marty Hiatt
Three Poems

Katrinka Moore
Three Visuals

Owen Bullock
Three Poems

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
A Visual, A Poem

Susan Gangel & Terry Turrentine
Private Eye, 1 – 10
Private Eye, 11 – 19

Jake Goetz
Two Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Two Visuals

Alice Allan
Waiting Room

Chris D'Errico
Two Poems

sven staelens
Six Visual Poems

Bogdan Puslenghea
Four Poems

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Sound abstraction

Nurul Wahidah

Eric Hoffman
A Review of Paul Pines' New Orleans Variations & Paris Ouroboros

Spencer Selby
Six Visuals

John Pursch
Three Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Visual Journals, New York 1998 – 2003