Anders Enochsson

bladder pressure

frenzy swings wide open
walking around circles under hot trees
Has she been here he quarrels in the smoky
underground va-ja-ja
smoking voices entering

swamp sickness friendly fire off-base encircling lunette under
silent grenade fire open up and bleed mein herr laughing
pieces meatball surgery on the bald guy suffering from
parotitis confabbing about parasitic D. radiodurans which
can be inserted under the hide; barleycorn yells
while bladder pressure decreases
fresh air dawn alive the ham wallet together with general public stars echoing
saliva from last year's harvest makes humid skin vellicate.


soot happiness
ear picking slaughter

packed metal burns
in his lungs as
he takes off
on the winter train
in circles

there was a time we all took off
must have been in
dreams of good-humoured gasses

in Berkshire city´s canopy of twin structures
the Russian autumnal cat blinks.

Last Spread

well-to-do men wanting to be bored ceaselessly
never dispersing the intellect in the final act of love
the smelly underpants shut behind sonar ejaculations
stars growing distant he
buys his damp frozen love
behind railway wagon fourteen

lantern oscillates faster than light outside the jet shed
as the old geezers pour the stage
pinot noir bucketing down bushy cheeks
the paper sun walks out
a singular wealthy trail dispensing
clear black surfaces

Anders Enochsson (b. 1979) lives in Uppsala, Sweden. He writes short stories and poems. His poems have been published in such journals as fosebook and fosebook smokestack. He has edited three anthologies of contemporary poetry and prose.
Blog: http://www.faunen.se/
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