Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Waterwheel at the Electric Institute

What general-purpose space is this?
how essential are words?

sound greets meaning then fights it because living dictates
core or periphery or time therefore fossil

functionalities imposed on the living
when breath hardens and bleeds
blinders and difference

no transparency provides
a note a tool or input

- is this true?
- is this timely?

vers le vert anchor and drag joints
seemingly infrastructure


proto-thought to proposition releases proto-concept
birthing sound polluted causes and alternatives
a willing suspension of disbelief
sub-states parts code

- what?
- why? where?

- where are you?

mill me a day a late afternoon
nightingales fairytales
antelope turtle

               consumed as aligned


System and cause examine foundation
square the framed accidental black
fear & withdrawal administer
subject to object
radiated noise

my shaded mind reseeding order
the cardinal quickens

for which I’ll remain unattainable movement
error error inwardly configuration
breaking light social graces dim
wild light topography as if
a settling willow

proton to anti-proton at Fermi Labs
proton to proton at the CERN

light as fast or slow or stopped often backwards
triple bonding with water to release
newly highly unstable states
green in color

suit after suit all waste and amps to the parade
for which reason either and or came about
Rumi matter will salutes

                            l’histoire de retrouvailles

I contract or retract accordingly for reward
consult and question the result

long time bristled edges of effort proclaim
it is a small and round world indeed
tightness to lightness splendor

                              questionable choices all around

selection for appearance interferes with taste
the accelerated inimitable daily
diminishing impedance so
I am malleable
                              waterwheel reality

my individuality the fabric of engineered perception
amour as distilled rock and stone armor
bracing my hips my shoulders

               factorized milk

regularly injected into my veins
I earth spot duly splayed
rapture of Pan
                              dear me


wealth and kingdoms have nothing to do with any of this
if it weren’t for love weren’t for ethics we say
to rule is to serve averted they say
spawned and sired as if
cured of speech

               Hammurabi the Assyrians Ibn Khaldun

the Sumerians too and in cuneiform
exponentially mediated now
stop and listen

               voice has no authority

a colonial regime conjugates equality
the circle of justice does not
right and wrong feed it
hierarchy too

normative theories dismiss the timely ticker
charm color flavor partition anchor
references we plead and knead

well rooted opinions and exactitudes
I won’t risk if gain is possibility
but if loss were certain

the ocean floor lonely for wing would regenerate
so many pieces the color of self
burn slam want


               How solitude undermines fear

how different that is from all things durable
to come together to just become so
this and that techno

                              tile circle box

have to                 strong buy
homeland            please love me

                     what noise

there’s no dullness in death
because water stings

systematically but neither rational nor capricious
conservation and continuity of mind remind
having mastered the production of gaps
a nudge opts for or out of partitions
oversight regardless

- is it related to justice?

               I salute convoys along the Rumi trail

we are poor at aggregate thinking I say
equivalents need not be similar
what is law what is metaphor
looted after-birth

               posing as my twin

speaking of time and of a time of use for fools
pondering legend and lament
barking at the caravan

                   - no one would hear you

- no one would believe you
- do not tell anyone


Cottage industries dread ever seeking risk
wishing things were different

informed consent will not undo the mathematical
the mental fissures alignment
segregates evolution

               variation follows

dare me

I am subject and citizen and object
another’s mind another smile
made and unmade cause

               wishing you wishing me

the brain ah the brain a utility prompted reason
to passion mix detects and compensates
what you have grows on you
what you see too

well rooted opinion or gross approximation
after probability and feeling

- I wanted a last word with you

Arpine Konyalian Grenier lives and writes in Los Angeles.
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