Chris Brown

Notes on set

Travestied! it’s all subjective, is that better?
: the set’s a second home, I couldn’t leave

As best it can the whole cast
plays itself, wasted on fumes

deadlines, and next door, needing space,
wind up, come to taking out load-bearing

Is’t a revolving set?
no, it’s the audience.

but how that color
hounds its decade

If briefly the sea
deny the plague —

I came home
but didn’t know it.

from Generic Criteria

Now the walls come to life you see
Fifteen kittens set to work in a café
who may no longer desire to sit and
sacrifice a weekend to the season
of bewitched it’s July in the other
hemisphere as well y ’know but hot
Friday night cornered by tapas
our ancestry hung in the gardens
rooms that shrink their paintings

Chris Brown lives in Newcastle, Australia. He is working on hotel universo, a book of poetry.
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