harry k stammer

“it’s not time”

(also) porous contingent (drag leg)
4th wheel crack “could have been even more…”
diagonal line from the screw (the not) plastic type against
“maybe a plot” metal against (plastic metal against plastic)

protrude (ing) “maybe not” been in
the open (scatter) “a rule” screw scrape sidewall stop
(d) “no subtext here” uptake exert (s) walk forward two
steps (foot forward) “dream, fear, hope, change, future”

back remain (back) within “when was it a
future?” held cup “don’t insist” link is no link
(also) after screw set (metal) plastic make-up awake ritual “some
one just finished it” ticket drawn line
diagonal through (dream, fear, hope change…)

“then it’s time”

no potter (pot) no one
“then this” another death (dug) out car from window
(three guns) 16 shots roiled arm(s) “it’s done to protect
one from another” BMW over bicycle
down mini market glass broken-out (out)

go (where?) and, “how did I think this
thing?” shotgun empty (d) wall splatter’d up over (t)
“just get down and wait” shoes off bare run foot’d
multiple “out of jealousy” record’d (knife) (s) alone

handcuffed (dead) “I’m curious and uncertain” one
here (one) there corner victim(s) loud women “fulfilled” (un)
aggressive (ten) minutes involuntary
(hold) it’s an equivalent (equal) pass’d
(math) after “unknown means” three
(stab) (t) “not, if cause’d” gun/knife

“I did it to myself”

occurs (game) “dealing”
(open wide) loss finger tip “grip it!” blood still
“again” exact down (the) between tiles flowing out (a)
watching (into) a single point (drops)
“jesus, finger” rush (ing) hold

it (canker) stop flow’d towel (s) “this isn’t”
potential (sulation) “ever-lasting” sink
water running “ah, needs stitches,
dude” wiped around (evil & stupidity) “really?” around a spot
(a depression) on the counter (paper) pool’d less

flowing out (press’d) together (stitches) “and, what do
you do, know?” nothing (no) held up to (one)
one bandage applied (“fuck off!”) tape (it) tape’t head ball
“what about?” steps outside sitting (cab)
paper hand held “come back tomorrow”

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths).
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