Anne Gorrick

6. I Remember the Plasticity of Recognition

the flower songs of your name in Spanish, your name songs, your mouth open near the gate. Keeping your skin toned and youthful is as easy as putting a rubber ball gag with rubber wings in your mouth and moving your head about. Wear me at night. Release your confusion through prayer. Did you forget your password? Remember that every single bite you put in your mouth is open to scrutiny. The three walked through the cold and snow until they reached the mouth of a large cave. There were stuffed figs.

I remember that apples exist, that a labyrinth seal is a seal which creates a complicated path for liquids to pass, leading readers through a maze of theory. Time is wide awake at 4 am with the random mouse, the wall follower, Pledge, and Trémaux, with colors never approaching eye-popping levels but nevertheless, the inner ear is known as the labyrinth, a long, twisting, devious approach. There are no plugins for this.

Birth control, master lock. These isolations threaten upland through clumps of red aloe. I pedal 35km of humid through the nice no traffic tarmac. On the older stabilized, peeking past the coarse bark, we threaded our way across mainly hard sand and stones to a thin line of tamarisk bushes. The Kalahari is not quite the desert that the Sahara is. We have a tentative appointment with photogenic oryxes. We remembered to hide ourselves. We were led across the road to a baobab forest. Then a field of millet.

Four days felt slack with all these “can can's can't canada canal canal's canals canaries canary canary's cancel canceled canceling cancellate ... crushable crushed crusher ... entrust entrusted.” Now I know exactly what I’m going to wear and which perfume I’m going to use. Remember, this poem has intentionally blurred parts. Every irresolvable limitation thanked piously above an adapting courtesan, snowing into propagandistic gunfights, were brokenly seated. There were floating shops of all kinds: hardware peddlers in a blaze of brass and tin; greengrocers and fruiters; charcoal sellers; a general store.

West Park = daylilies + distant bells.

I wanted to mention the different kinds of drinks here but it slipped my mind. Find the highest elevation mountains in by using our highest peaks page. I’m amazed and ashamed by how little I remember about you. I remember your beauty shots, your portraits in cooking. Gain literacy…lose memory? Could this be true?

A glaciated landscape, in her mouth she has Gambia. Does this sound too glowing? I remember we shared our car with a severed donkey's head resting in a bowl.

Instagram user names in Korean, in Japanese, in Italian. What is the wilting point (PWP) for irrigation purposes, in clay? The permanent establishment of screwworm fly in Australia or small amounts of hypoallergenic pigments? Florida offers itself as a Permanent Beauty. Forget about smudges. The gluttons forgot about the self. But our happy "fix" is never permanent, so we keep looking for bricks, stone grave markers. Remember that California is a forgotten maxim, a result of rest and the disappearance of a fatiguelike state, a motion to reopen.

Remember the sugar in pickled okra.

You’ll need a boat made out of poison ivy to get there.

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Remember a star leaving night as a discussion of birds and earrings. Edwardians nested on ghats. She has been plucked by her flock. Try feeding her a tablespoon of her stylish present. I remembered to put them back oiled, but his pants were torn, covered in ticks. What is your advice regarding pinioning at home for a small flock? Goose wings: how can I tell the blood feathers? That wore thin real fast, that ruffled appearance.

Even the most saintly victims rarely needed more than three temptations to ensnare them.

I remember the talent of neighborhoods. We would like to show it here but this poem won’t allow it. A BRIDE UNTIL...green eyes had simply been a conscious effort to coax the blood back into his brain. Poor, awkward fever. “Answer feeling hour full along glad speak quite buy able death free stupid running story lose send trust shot hot truth honey...blood none safe sign” Fill cave cells with water of various colors. Strip Metatats Strip. Blood sugar / chivalric valent Recognition inaccurate unfortunately taken all Mondays from Che Starbuck. These straightforward bloodsports/bloodstains/bloodstocks

sung to the Get Smart theme. I'm thinking about the things I probably forgot to do, the slumber land, the low hum, or the gospel of hummingbirds in a dark tool shed. A heater cathode leak can cause hum. When sight becomes forgotten. Expose remembered forms: the tractor dragging a sort of horizontal whirl-a-gig, that you're photogenic and tall. The smell of sunscreen may help you remember.

My cricket needs a password. Plus diadem wishes, pink flock figurines and commanding glitter.

Remember to long for an intermission. We are only leaf veins now. When the meaning of flowers flourished into a form. Remember the middle petals. Milkweed, Missouri Primrose, Basket Grass, Engelmann’s Crag Lily instantaneously froze. Remember to leave room for edible forms. I was given a sedative jab and fell asleep. Dwarf forms. And I got lily pollen all over my pale silks.

But I remembered the inevitability of ash handling.

Suddenly someone says the area code for that phone number and almost instantly you forget the last two digits of the number. An unmanaged memory. The basic concept of memory leaking is...don't forget just keeping... it collected object detection information about various bits of underbrush. My memories are primarily of animals and walking across lava, a low room to the south that contains a SPARKLING NUGGET OF GOLD. I remember it taking me quite a bit of experimentation. Here are ten foods, how I want to eat everything in sight. Her head, the part of an enlarger that contains the light source. What were May Baskets made of and what did they contain?

Should we board up our front glass doors? A joke, though I could swear I smelled the ocean and sand. I remember how it deepened the gorge.

A hoodoo bag can contain salt, pepper, chicken feet, a rabbit foot, ashes and a piece of a razor.
A hoodoo can rub their hand over your head and make you bald-headed inside of two weeks.
A hoodoo person can let you bite a piece of an apple and all your teeth will fall out of your head.
A hoodoo person can take your old clothes and run you insane.

Wean and release

A Process Note:
Eileen provided me with one of her poems 6. I Forgot the Plasticity of Recognition and I wondered how to collaborate with this text. First, I took each line and processed it variously. I Googled it as it stood. I substituted the word “remember” for “forgot” and continued the Google search. I slowly typed in the phrase, or various words from the phrase to see where the dropdown box of suggestions led me. I picked and sorted and rearranged until I was satisfied. Some lines came directly from the brainbox, others were highly curated from the midden. The first version of the collaborative piece included each line from Eileen’s poem, immediately followed by my referring text in italics, to emphasize the back and forth. The second version separated my text out into a new poem. I don’t think I ever quite felt this much freedom (maybe permission) to “write into” another piece of existent work. Joyful. Instructive.

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