lars palm

my selective memory

i remember that elusive first time

i remember that hair in your mouth

i remember a cave becoming another mouth-watering prospect

i remember wet rolled up towels

i remember a labyrinth approaching

i remember big confusion about american football

i remember tentative sand dunes hiding acacia trees

i remember multiple points of focus

i remember gardenias cancelling midnights

i remember drowning in the seychelles

i remember tea

i remember a country close to burkina faso

i remember a sleeping bag

i remember dusting the landscape of gambia

i remember stating a permanent introduction

i remember a water lily taking quite some time to form

i remember paris raining all manner of pets on us

i remember stars are comprised of laughter

i remember 3 young texan ladies in a pub across the big water

i remember someone's memoir

i remember dart

i remember something about sentences & veins

i remember someone i shall not name going ballistic within minutes in front of a computer

i remember order being scrambled

i remember a sourdough exploding instead of becoming injera

i remember the notion of audacity as a public affair

i remember hearing the sun humming

i remember that plasticity of recognition kick-starting a muse

i remember it was a red pepper maybe the last one

i remember my mother rhyming a translation of the philipine national poem

i remember some joe remembering

i remember pool also

i remember hitchhiking through wales & somehow surviving

i remember being a crystal ball

i remember taking another language for my beloved & then another

i remember a lake in a parking lot

i remember this & that

i remember not reading a whole lot of memoirs

i remember setting foot on mexican soil & it was really really hot & we rode from the harbour into town in an old vw bus with all doors removed

i remember a glass of water on a non-existent table

i remember something about amnesia

i remember selling an oil on canvas for wine

i remember meanwhile in scotland

i remember wondering why

i remember the why

i remember almost learning baseball on a winding street in beverly hills

i remember multiplying

i remember murder

i remember a dismembered member

i remember being analogue

i remember although vaguely a time before her

i remember dreaming the first poem of what later became a book

i remember she's a rock by name & habit

i remember cornering a strange beast of a corner

i remember windows running as they grow old

i remember having no clue how i got the car into that field

i remember giggling cows

i remember a cannibal museum

i remember sidewalks defining slippery when wet

i remember footnotes

i remember berlin being closed on may 1st

i remember a camera but not the last time it took liberties with what is otherwise known as truth

i remember homero aridjis talking about light & ghosts

i remember an action appearing practical

i remember ceiling fans & fans of ceilings

i remember standing barefoot in 2 tons of basmati rice with a common garden shovel

i remember selling books for beer

i remember shop keepers with brooms trying to keep the water out

i remember skopje

i remember hans magnus enzensberger exclaiming to his wife ”hey they have a dentist called stalin”

i remember the tune the sun is humming

i remember what?

A Process Note:
when Eileen asked if i wanted to remember something in her amnesia i immediately thought it a great opportunity to do that Joe Brainard thing long on my mind. so the poem she wanted me to reply to arrived & i recognized parts of it which is a wonderful way to start remembering. so the muses took me for a walk. to avoid getting endless i settled on doing 72 sentences. some in direct reply to her poem, some as a kind of memoir & some just being slightly weird. my memoir, should i ever write it, will most likely be very brief & probably written as portraits of people i know & enjoy or even admire so this was a chance to be literal. it was great fun

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