Texas Fontanella


As the optical foreigner nails the standardised
logic of the load, each complacent skull cracks

open their tracts and we sniff out the infra-
structure of the problem: X substitutes Y

which appears exclusively as a subliminal
glitch — that is, the representative moan pinch-

ed from Descartes’ Meditations, a positive
insurrection propped up by the imperialist

powers of subversion ipso facto sleight of
hand me that gun; I wanna encode the orbit

on top of the metal beast and simulate the
tired boasts of an empire assaulted by images

without copyright or a care in the world we
dial it in from south of the border and ride on.

for Hamish Spark

Texas Fontanella is a philosophy undergraduate at the University of Sydney whose work has previously appeared in Otoliths.
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