Johannes S. H. Bjerg

hymn III

another damned thing to face first light

the claws of the creator that keep u suspended neurons

false messengers blocking the hallway of the seahorse

from these walls ur unutterable name oozes

in any fanciful language shit smells

u'll be a human anointed with phrases I'll be phlegm

morning terror u once were whole

t's not under the bed t's in u

hymn IV

on needles photons pierce a skin of night

in solar plexus a dream-machine crashes

through the pupils bits of stars and dog

never thought it'd weigh this much absence

resorting to the path of least resistance fall

that rattling in the chest eyes gears of the universe

a mumbling of angels behind the humdrum rain

entering through ur feet the cold of dead stars

A Shadow of Structure

element and one or more not supported

the grief by the canal genuine

a structural component: house

making your face shrink in pure North wind

a motorcycle onto which

a skeleton of a ship still in mythology

modern firearms the usual death

lightweight then the sound of sex

Johannes S.H. Bjerg: Born 1957. A Dane writing in Danish & English simultaneously. Writing mainly (hai)ku and related forms.


“2 tongues / 2 tunger” 2tongues.blogspot.comm, bilingual haikai

“Parallels and stuff” january-stones.blogspot.com, bilingual parallel haiku(-like)

“scented dust” scented-dust.blogspot.com (Eng haiku)

Instigator and co-editor of “Bones - a journal for contemporary haiku” (www.bonesjournal.com). Included in New Resonance 8, Red Moon Press, 2013.

Books: Penguins / Pingviner - 122 bilingual haiku (English and Danish) in 2011 through Cyberwit, India. Parallels, English language short verse, Yet To Be Named Free Press, England, 2013. Threads / Tråde bilingual haiku, Createspace 2013, Notes 10 11 -12 / Noter 10 11 -12, bilingual (solo) linked verse, Yet To Be Named Free Press, England, 2013. Paper Bell Lessons / Papirklokkebelæringerne, bilingual haiku, Createspace, 2013. Like a Plane / Som et fly, image and haiku, ebook. Noah's Eggs / Noahs æg bilingual parallel haiku, Yet To Be Named Free Press, England, 2014. 23.345 bilingual ku, Createspace, 2014. moon / måne Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/223579566/moon-m%C3%A5ne Most of these books have a free ebook version for reading/downloading. Extensive list with links: http://january-stones.blogspot.dk/p/books.html
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