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talk flab sinker left the
‘mmind’s snore the sh
adow shut sky my cough wall
et ymology my wordless
g love
swatted pallet on the
gloating dock the lock’s h
alf singer half earthy silence
playing what was BORN
sweaty in your
o hack ing o n oo
se o osar y dáme lo que
dices lo dicho HECHO FUL
es el sueño es el
sueño ririncon



edge of form aldehyde yr
fin al ba cheek a floater
toward the rim yr soup sl
oshed in form will edge
the clownrimmed mouth r
rising for a drink .yr
floater sloshed yr hand
drips up formatic h edge
iinches from the spinal room

...il plonge au fulgurant abîme.
- José-María de Heredia


do pills just happen name
it name is looted ti me or
floaty whistle in the nap
kin’s bright blood do pills jus
t alk nname inserted’s s
agginggg throat said dop ills m
ust sharpen off the n
ameblade daylight happens
ttossed out the mildewed
door do pills do name do



el ojo comido

y los sesos del cielo    tu sombra
son el recuerdo con que camin
abas por la calle en que cam
inabas por el camino que una
jaqueca es es un viento de
automóvil ,móbil por la b
risa que la página central
de tu librito es página de
hoja fermentada que tu fé
mur dormido es ,lugar de
piedras ,con texto ,piedra y
habladuría en el túnel menos
pensado ,sesos concientes o
in- ,sesos fritos ,con chile
,con su ajo y jitomate ,)))las
nubes son

y la forma del túnel es ))es piedra enterrada((

the eats

sent the sweat in columb
ered where yr f lopping
arm ingestion deingested
ah smarmy fantod b
lundered    !esperpento co
melenguas y tus cojo
nones left the blank
,yr raised hand yr pers
perpication of the
swirling in the corners
of the laundry room

the bring

enter wheeze the water
wind the blobber scam
you bratted in the
wheezy stream en
gaged the spoken b
lob a withered fork a
troubled net a comb
wheezing in its hair

should ,it

en vano

cholo ,chupa ,changó
tu rutilante foco fin
ado es el focomido
al por fin despiertas
en el sueño del senado
surrea lista el fuego
fué que caminaba
por el techo in
hibido como gato dro
gadicto fiesta por
cagada o el suero
en tu por venir ron
cafón lo que chupa lo
que chulo lo que rete
te chantajea si chan
taje no te canta en el
foco estrellado en el
trono aguateca donde
te guardarás lo que
no guardaste

re trueque

c lock or

it rains outside yr
sleeve will dry in
side your soggy
book is flooding
in the parking lot
your whirling sleeve
your tousled face
will mask last
Friday’s Thursday’s
itching through the
water crawled yr
mud exflected syn
tax algae b
rightened in your
ear would heard
the thunder leg a
tremble in the
phone’s next suit

sim p

mu   te

dia pered face re
lent less inhalation
thread this was the
soap que comerás
ayer I chewed
need les regargled
time were 72
or don’t know
drink the sand
wich egg re
volver dans ta
poche your
frying suit

...need The Time Milking...
- William S. Burroughs


took the sho
rter hairs sp outing
from yr face was
where I caminaba por
el lago zapateado nigh
tly sky resea led with
p acking t ape yr
shorter ch est c lean
shaved a storm yr
pouted sh ape comp
action me ví la
cara sin es pejo bo
ca lacunal un ojo
verde un ojO pie dra
compartido con la hoja


reverse the glass

her name is dominant engine
hair is books composed of
memory syringe sky and
fire computer nursing bot
tles burning mouth is
I forget the toothache as
bestos secret gestures name
is rain and homilies a
vacant room the shitter
body losing all prurient rights
bitter migraine skeleton a
descendant sword uncounted is
and and a shudder in the
bee-hive hairdo desproportion
ate to the useful lexicon
culture name is evanescence
shadowed in progressive ghost
vowels guessed charades
is empty parking lot and
logoglyph her name is useless
revulsion mispronounced sang
urinary practice barking at the
face mingled imaging of the
filthy glass the mutant mono
tone the hushed woof sitting
witless can cannot uh be reversed

The path through Useless Preface to a
Romantasemic Writing by Jim Leftwich,
Théophile Gautier, and Olchar E. Lindsann; &
Ivan Argüelles’ “orphic cantos”, 61; 2014.


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