John Pursch

Negligee Carnauba Runes

Moviegoers recline in stilted collar downs
of maiden uniform completion boots,
soothing mood fund guppies
one by cheaply wintered
gloveless apex whinny,
accordion wattage

Sighing coughs droop candidly
in sag purveyor scam retainer
simplex pond oblation hammocks,
refining idly pining gubernatorial derision
till hollows stage offensive Ding Dong
capture cloture needle conversation
spittle orbital remarks, renewing
crusty axiom inclusion’s
midpoint goulash slurp.

She chuckles lucidly at blemished purple skies,
brokering tramps to lobster barons
in parimutuel dumbbell scooter-flouncing
pajama pestilence purges,
sold in ribald puncture tomes
to credo clear-cut merchant holly’s
scampering rubella mushroom dalliance
parade of shiny whittled naivete.

Retold aneurism capers brilliantly indemnify
parachutes of glibly portentous jellyfish
on snow-cone bridal palimony dredge crusades,
stirring chomped astringency berets
with boffo sectarian knuckles.

Handheld Grovers covet softly mumbled
sledge pejoratives, anxiously rebutting
circumstellar payload gasket fenders
before her dithering can self-correct
in bona chive fiduciary
negligee carnauba runes.

Hyphenated Hypnagogia

Diggers squeal from harbor dumpsters,
peerlessly infarcted by peacetime gourmet
olio confabulation's sloppy oligarchy play,
venting gramophone illusion ducktail hurrahs
at portentous juice marimba salad
tortoise jumpsuit competition quirks
left unattended in defrayed assumption smog.

How she heard her shuffled shell game
fiscal ichthyologist above the dinner’s bellicose
debasement stares was tersely cloned in tousled
mines below the surfeit of grapevine wisdom’s
shipshape combing thresher pleats,
frogging kerosene wigglers in proudly orange
queue-balking beer hall lingerie cat-service socks
of Hacky Sack propulsion cankles.

Were it enough to canoe beside dry manic atria
impairment’s voyeuristic cantata purveyors,
well-fled flimsy barracudas might’ve quashed
scant sibilance for shafted chives
in both eclectic salivation pharmacies,
pulchritude be daubed behind bothersome biers
with hyphenated gals,
defying radioactive sarcophagi.

Slot release injects annealing
wealth morass addiction mastiffs
with exegetical analgesic phonemes,
jarring semiotic crux police
to doodle ibex portraiture
when bumper crawdad dusters
utter wise retainer orbit fowl
remarks of interjected caricature.

Sadly pointed regulators bubble up
to slurring facial tic tachometers,
dialed to dialysis dreams of chutney chugging
crane confetti munchers, pleasing dwarves
in fantasized cremation plugs for padlocked
backroom sing alongs, bent overtures bespectacled
and slanted in severed tales of gnus.

Popcorn Age Simulacra

Grooms infest receptive barmaid
flophouse disinterment squeals
with wholly obviated obituary nonsense,
sectioned into clarinet embargo fluid,
sopping upwards of arse camp dignity’s
trashy holding pattern pain
to freckled window sunshine decoupage
of cresting surfboard dancing lesions,
propped aside in coronary meltdown.

Hashed funicular arrestors plunge
to uncertain bequeathment bleats,
flung to codpiece cold-cut catamarans
by island dream cake cummerbund refitters,
wedding gowns remanded to undersea dirigibles
of antique manta ray propulsion geese
on feudal succor tease quest mating trips
to falsely startled amputees.

Crumpled swillers welter
in the dung of shallot binge plantation
carrion aroma’s falling waistline herbal indigence,
set for altered keystone clap routine insinuation bollocks,
flogged to courtyard turnstile respite’s jumping chump charade
of naked undertaker centerfold bereavement poultice,
dribbling slowly out of coronation mouthpiece bluesy chattel.

Ossified conjunctivitis recitals
wish for washboard pablum
caricatures of graphed hallucinations,
spending lopside tinsel helmet strippers
into flavored dispensation wrecks
of rage becalmed to tensile youth
league popcorn age simulacra,
pounded into bailiff twitch machinery.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His pi-related experimental lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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