Issue thirty-five Date of Publication November 1, 2014.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2014 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Bobbi Lurie

harry k stammer
Three poems

Volodymyr Bilyk

Virginia Luck
The Art of Saving a Life

Sarah James
Four Visual Pieces

Roger Mitchell
Rochelle Ratner: An Appreciation

Marilyn R. Rosenberg
some Asemic Visual Poems

Andrew Cantrell
Five Poems

Kyle Hemmings
Five Photographs

Dennis Vannatta

Elizabeth Allen
Four Poems

Anders Enochsson
Three Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Seven Poems & Three Collages

Seth Copeland
Two Poems

Craig Cotter
Two Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Pete Spence
An Exercise in Style…for John Yau. (x2)

Jim Meirose
On the packing line

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Eric Hoffman
from Emerson in America

Raymond Farr
Six Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
from Ouroboros

Reed Altemus

John M. Bennett
Five Visual Poems

John M. Bennett & Diane Keys
Six Collaborations

John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy
Five Collaborations

John M. Bennett
Text Poems

Toby Fitch
from Jerilderies

Howie Good
Three Poems

Chris Brown
Two Poems

Jack Galmitz
Three Visuals

Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Waterwheel at the Electric Institute

Marco Giovenale
Six Visual Poems

Carey Scott Wilkerson
The Lydian Mode

Edewede Oriwoh
Three Poems

Texas Fontanella
Two Poems

John Martone
The Knot

Mark Russell
Three Poems

Andrew Topel
Ten Visual Poems

Andrew Topel & Koji Nagai
Eight Visual Poems
Eight More Visual Poems

William Allegrezza
Three Poems

Márton Koppány
Four Visual Poems

Márton Koppány & Tamarin Norwood
a video collaboration

Mary Cresswell
Three Poems

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
Femail: tattooed woman watching bomb smoke)

Cecelia Chapman
Lost Kingdom

Connor Stratman
Two Poems

Heath Brougher
Two Poems

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Three Prose Pieces

Simon Perchik
Three poems

John Lowther
Twelve Sonnets from 555

Joe Milford
Three Poems

Willie Smith
Two Prose Pieces

Michael Ruby
Four Poems

Joe Balaz
Six Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

sean burn
Joey Whiteface

Jeff Harrison
Four Poems

Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Light in the Dark

Sarah Edwards
From notes in 010

Jeffrey Jullich
Five Poems


bruno neiva
pitch contrasts

Ivars Balkits
Two Poems

Katrinka Moore
Two Visuals

John Pursch
Three Poems

SS Prasad
from 100 Poems

John W. Sexton
The Sky Goes Pale

Hazel Smith
Three Poems

Tony Beyer
Show Time

Bob Heman

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Texts & Visuals

Rosaire Appel

Angad Arora
A Visual Poem

Bogdan Puslenghea
A Visual Poem

Sabine Miller
Five Visuals

Jake Goetz
Two Poems

Carla Bertola
Six Visuals

Alberto Vitacchio
from Lettering

Tony Page
Drama Course

Michael Brandonisio
Four Text & Visual Pieces

J. D. Nelson
Particulate Matterhorn

Shloka Shankar
One Text & Four Visual Poems

Gian Luigi Braggio
Three seeds from Alètheia