Caleb Puckett

Drop Point

They say psychological operations amount to charitable donations.
They say these leaflets bring live-in American media support where it matters most. Empowered but
               deeply chained,
they say it runs shockwaves through the strata to numb troubling subjectivity.
They say lockstep schools create actualization wedges with delicious religious subtexts.
They say television culture proves security works without consent.
They say even the most passing ideological shift can guarantee complicity.
They say arresting the voyeur erases the threat. During the preventive stage of power over population,
they say autonomy internalizes exterior conflict.
They say the slogan slows the thought.
They say evolution provided incisors for polarization.
They say countries born of benefits demand homogeneous obligations of seemingly diverse
               presentations of face.
They say characterizing alarm tones as a form of cardinal law helps separates pea-sized stones in a shoe
               from meteor showers above a museum.
They say governmental grant applications are a means to the end of days.
They say stability—the topical actualization at least—brands pragmatic essentialism onto the
               public figure in a secluded pew.
They say blackmail rattles the nerves of the dog behind the chain link compound.
They say coffins are born in fields flowered with residential directories.
They say focused-in spectators drive sense to subtext by pursuing peacekeeping missions with fluoride
               and assisting local insurgents with instrument panel applications.
They say illusion—as an obvious device and predictor of peace levels—heightens control before flooding
               the databanks with gibberish.
They say the lock is for an invasion of tame abuses and lame excuses.
They say the technologies face horrid feedback with little sympathy from their core users.
They say public oversight squats to occupy the private argument.
They say a clever informational model makes a veritable toothpaste for rotten relations somehow seem
               humane after the indisputable extraction with a string.
They say potential must be anticipated by the past’s impossible mission position.
They say a consent agenda cannot exist without spilling a little ink on the laps of neutered bystanders.
They say they act in accordance with passivity’s most passionate embrace.
They say they must wedge influence further home for an otherworldly diversion to occur.
They say right thinking means the citizens live near a specified agency or selected allies of preordained
They say opponents leading witnesses to cell blocks as part of a televisual reduction usher a mindset of
               servility into the lordly mythos of justice. Without compunction,
they say lockstep methods clear inhabitants of the messy messages brought by random wants.
They say savvy futurists manufacture convictions and overturn them for the sake of publicity.
They say a truly messianic civilization misses the mark when guilt is strictly a matter of being caught.
They say the eruption of houses of ill-repute demonstrates the gaze has developed a self-conscious crush.
They say this script is an intervention in emptiness.
They say silence is the most destructive addiction.
They say it is significant that some exclusive, albeit competing, occupiers present a social risk
               for even the most seasoned guides of military events.
They say the ever-expanding radius of a beaten dog’s flinch ripples the sea until even the whales
               are sickened by a wholly unknown object—the whip.
They say salvation is not a spectator sport for the well-connected and rich.
They say a flood over a mudslide constitutes a heavenly clean-up effort.
They say the values espoused by marching songs surpass the nutritional aspects of actual
They say America shares a velvet glove with an iron fist in an elevator full of mirrors.
They say their resistance to resistance rights all wrongs, if only because it keeps the cool blue
               electricity on without much interruption.
They say they can best support status markers by developing holding tanks with in-built
               impotence features for the designated failures of textbook cop-outs.
They say a substitution cannot be a shift without a pre-approved linguistic precedent.
They say soft conformity at first and hard obedience in the long term pushes even the
               smallest arbitration into the realm of god-like benevolence. Being surgically inclined,
they say a hand for this spectator becomes a compelling tooth bearer for doctored participants.
They say freedoms captured in obligatory habits create time encroachments ever after.
They say they respect the tangible outcomes of future conundrums more than the pat
               pronouncements of past abstractions.
They say a revolution de-centered and de-mobilized engenders delay and invites participants into
               a pit of ceaseless analysis.
They say action before realization is best when hunting big game.
They say press conferences can be navigated without crossing the boundary of admission.
They say tawdry novels denote a mass-aimed confusion of seeming testimony for secret crime lords.
They say rally and jump the rampart in pajamas.
They say easy consumerism is an incomparable declaration of freedom.
They say clocks monetize each moment. Relationally,
they say last is first.
They say an strategic translation of truth will introduce a tradition of adopting rootlessness
They say an individual diminishes with a reordering of life’s mundane sequences.
They say the political gaze does not confront the gratis doctrine of saints too often to trouble
               an ape’s consciousness.
They say replacing a direct opposition with more indirect forms of support has historically
               mollified and mothballed the damaging do-gooders who do only harm .
They say the acquisition of sense in the scripted vector depends on unsavory exports, but no
               reservations need to occur to enter through the password protected front door.
They say this newly maximized intervention model enables concerted exertions among
               constituent parts.
They say be a stoolie in the terminal.
They say the currency of democracy is an exorcist’s leaflets spread across the devil’s desert.
They say stasis is urgency with an armful of rusting implements.
They say they speak of assurance as the dust trails off.
They say we when they mean us.

Caleb Puckett has recently published in Moss Trill and On Barcelona. His newest book, Fate Lines/ Desire Lines, is available through Mammoth Publications. Puckett lives in Kansas.
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