Chase Gagnon

So Bad

How did I get so cold?
I'm not even old but I might as well be,
I'm on more pills than my grandma
just so I can fall asleep
then wake up dreamless from an afterlife
of darkness, in gray dawn rain.

I've lost my goddamn mind
somewhere in my messy skull
furnished with only a bed and a desk
where I sit naked digging through piles of clothes
looking for unwritten poems.

life's a bitch… my bitch.
I tongued her inverted nipple then chewed on it when it showed
as she moaned with pain —
or maybe it was a secret pleasure
so secret that life herself wouldn’t even tell me
but begged for it
because she's been so bad...
so bad
that my wrists are still bleeding
with what she calls love.

Chase Gagnon is a student from Detroit, Michigan, who has been attempting to write decent poetry since he was fifteen. Since then, he has had numerous poems published in magazines and anthologies, most of which are Japanese and/or short form poems. He is the Youth Ambassador for the USA for the United Haiku and Tanka Society.
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