John M. Bennett

fO ught

...ash gag ash gag ash,,,
...gag ash gag ash gag,,,
...ash gag ash gag ash,,,
...gag ash gag ash gag,,,
...ash gag
THORAX gag ash,,,
...gag ash gag ash gag,,,
...ash gag ash gag ash,,,
...gag ash gag ash gag,,,
...ash gag ash gag ash,,,

moU th


cheese and lint ,frag
rant cloud the storm’s
rat raft my neck core
you sh adowwoda air
the mice contained
where yr laundry driz
zled wrapped around yr
spinal hose ≈ ~ ~ ~ ~
breathe ,rodentia ,teeth
,flag rant sock twists be
fore yr eyes rain cl
imbs the wall your ch
ewing your che wing your
chchewing mud risen in the
basement like yr ggristled neck

Tout ce que l’homme pouvait gagner
au jeu de la peste et de la vie, c’etait la
connaissance et la mémoire.
- Albert Camus

ni modo

miembro morbo ,musito el
cangrejo de mi bolsillo
borbotante de lentejas
,miembro lenguaje miem
bro inflagrante que se
me cae por la espalda
donde el fin del túnel
se acerca ,la forma in
constante es del finado
que seré que soy mas
el miembro era ,sOmbra
sOmbra sOmbra y mi
hombro una hambrebur
guesa ya pasada de moda

L’homme n’est pas une idée...
- Albert Camus

nunca crunchy

sweat er in drunk l
ake mana la fr ente
ritis boils in my leg the
stream f lag behind yr
freezing neck sticky ch
est imate the grinder
cost yr rippling mild
ew cross la guna cr
oss nin guna boca tu
boca tomada said the
viscous lunch form la
lengua secahogada



la vulgarsation de la bombe
- Jacques Prévert -
the last ebola war just s
have your feet cut your
pockets off lens rolls
into weeds behind the
parkinglot inmensidad de
- José María Heredia -
el peso de su spade thrown
off crumbling steps door
breathing in the evening wind
golden frame crumpled in
the stiffened mud

...nor rain...


slabs the long pork
your screaming park
last hot meat a
phone greens lou
d gravel walk
the spiral mile
your dog fork
recomiste reco
miste                )wet leg

correr del sud


œye inside my neck a
floater blinks the falling
corn or frame si
new what nothing
seed was breath will rises
from the bowl ah bl
ood-spl ashed h and ins
ide my ey(œ) ! neck y
ou saw was seen was
tassels drooling in the
comalli’s eastern wind a
hhead clclatters on the
eemptty rroad    d


dressed already

s pent the c loven suit the
after hee hee l esser
chin f lapping at the see
ping door the do or w
as rend ered porcine cloak
your skin relieved the
drunk abeja en el mar
emoto de la ho jarasca
de la hojarasca pouring
from yr empty from
yr empty s l e e v e s

was sleep and hiccups
sweet frogs drowning in
the soup

...innumerables papelillos que caen desde lo alto...
- José Lezama Lima

fungible sweats

the wurst m ist yr
fac e has screen
off the b ark su it’s
l int eregnum f
loods yr late P
yr pla te mor t
al sing ed vis age
left g asped for br
eath gas ped for b
reath t he first’s or l
ast’s .it reeks ,yr tab
led corp se cre
tion’s thirsts awri
tten if awritten’s
same the lurc
hed across a burning gate

Eau froide par l’ennui dans ton cadre gelée...
- Stephane Mallarmé


nestled in the coMMb
white c hair your
ricey face
pulca      cacapoesía
inflagrante      infragrante
in fart o      something
sticky      on the tines

log fuel

my past neck
runny cloud ,re
duction ,roofing
,roofing ,time
to drink ,ga
soline and mur


egg ,nos tril ,re
numbed ,er is up the
,bed ,corntemplation
,flatulens ,cru
mbles in the mud
your clouded shoe


when smelt the
finger water
tape of lung wall
ows in the sink f
lies dormandt l
ies dormandt the
open mud


b listered thru the
neck yr c rate
c rash es nin
guneo ,doblar la
cara listen to l
isten to or not
hing ,hot door


th blat ant em
phastic lead you
read nor forced
a c rumple sp
oon reformed or
squatted door
aslam against
yr nod against
yr off


~neck hose neck hose neck~
≈hose neck hose neck hose≈
~neck hose neck hose neck~
≈hose neck hose neck hose≈
~neck hose
BARK hose neck~
≈hose neck hose neck hose≈
~neck hose neck hose neck~
≈hose neck hose neck hose≈
~neck hose neck hose neck~


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